My Fashion Picks for Fall

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I am so ready for fall, you guys. I miss wearing boots and scarves, drinking warm beverages, and making delicious, spice-filled desserts.

As far as fashion goes, this year I find myself being attracted to colors that I normally don't care to wear. Berry colors are always (ALWAYS) right up my alley. However, navy blue, beige, and olive green? Usually, it's a hard pass. Still, 

Berry Tones

Call it marsala or maroon, cherry or wine, I've been loving berry shades in clothing. I've always loved this color when it comes to fall and winter, but usually that was just when it came to tops. Now I'm drawn to all things berry, including shoes and handbags. I NEED these Doc Martens before fall is over, and this handbag matches them perfectly!

Beige Tones

Beige is not my color. It's not that it doesn't look good on me, it's just that it's too...beige. Usually, beige and tan tones are too boring to me. I am not an all nude outfit kind of gal, and really don't own much in the beige/tan family, but recently I've just wanted all things beige. These Nike sneakers would so chic with so many different outfits, and I feel like they can be dressed up or down. These beige lounge pants are perfect for relaxing at home or throwing on some flip-flops and running some errands.

Navy Tones

I don't own much navy clothing, and forget about navy shoes. Come to think of it, I don't really own much blue clothing in ANY shade. I want to change that this season, though, because I've really been feeling navy lately. Something about it is so sophisticated. You can wear navy to the office or on a date night out. These navy, velveteen Vans are to die for! They would look so cute with a maxi bodycon dress. And this blue jacket is the perfect transitional piece. I feel like you could wear it from now, all the way into the spring time.

Olive Tones

Okay, I for sure don't own a lot of green. Most of the green clothing I have is an emerald shade, and meant for winter. I certainly don't own a lot of olive tones, and I definitely don't own anything camo. I'm not sure why, though, because I actually love the way that olive tones look against my skin color. This olive green shirt is perfect for a more dressy jeans and t-shirt kind of day. And this camo sweatshirt would look super cute with some dark wash jeans and black combat boots, or sweatpants and Netflix ;-)

What tones are you loving for fall this year?

LesLeigh J.

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Fall Is (Almost) Upon Us...

I head back to school in 4 days, people. Four. Days.  

How did summer go by so quickly?  

The only thing holding me together is fall fashion. Seriously. I live for boots, scarves, and the thousand different ways to rock leggings and over-sized shirts. So in that spirit, I'm sharing my fall wishlist... 

Fall Wishlist 2.png

March M-M-Madness: Wishlist Edition

Yo and hello everyone!

I hope you guys are doing well on this fine Wednesday. I am doing great because I am on spring break, which means a whole lot of sleeping in and eating whatever I want since I don’t have to buy my own groceries and hanging out with friends and family.

My mom is a teacher and she’s on spring break as well, so we’re getting a lot of mommy-daughter bonding time this week. Yesterday we went to the mall and got new hair products (which I am itching to try out!), and today we’re going thrifting!

Well, it is March now and while March Madness means a whole lot for basketball players, lovers, and fans, for me it means spring fashion! I have narrowed my fashion/beauty cravings down to the five things I am absolutely mad for this March…

March Wishlist


As for number one, I received a sample of Juicy Couture’s Couture La La fragrance in my February Birchbox and I LOVED it! It is now one of my favorite scents and I am planning on buying the full sized version just as soon as I save enough nickels and dimes.

Number two is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. I rarely watch movies just for the art of them; I usually watch movies for entertainment, like most people do. But the artistry of this movie blows me away every time I watch it! I love that Sophia Coppola chose to use modern music for the soundtrack even though this is a period piece. The costumes are beautiful, it’s pretty historically accurate, and it does evoke emotion at times. If you have not seen it yet, GO GET IT!

This Tory Burch bag is one of those wish list items that I will most likely never own, but it’s really pretty and I would love to have it so I put it on here. It’s an expensive bag and as I’m a broke college student, I could never save enough pennies to be able to afford this bag and still eat, pay bills, have a life, etc. It is a beautiful color and it’s spacious inside, a quality I look for in all my bags because, well, I like big bags and I cannot lie.

Number four I could actually afford if I tried, and I may have to try, folks. I am in LOVE with the leopard trend that’s going around right now. I have leopard fever! I have been wanting some leopard loafers for a while now and  of course Steve Madden, (my shoe lovah), is right on top of it. These are purr-fect…

And as for number five, I have been wanting something to read that isn’t school related and I’ve heard some good things about this book, so I’m going to check it out. I’ll let you know what I think!

There you have it, Wildflowers. My March Madness wish list. What are you mad for this March?

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What’s On My List?

I’ve been seeing everyone’s Christmas wish lists lately and I decided to share my own!

Blog Inc

1. Photoshop Elements 11 2. Blog, Inc 3. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift 4. TOMS 5. Minnetonka Boots 6. Cupcake Apron

I am so excited for Christmas! I am not usually a gift person but around this time of year I LOVE surprising family and friends with things that they wanted or things that I knew they would like. I can’t wait to open gifts on Christmas morning!

I am finally home for winter break and I am so ready to relax, read, and watch Christmas movies every night. I can’t wait to make some cookies and drink some hot chocolate, catch up with friends, and see some Christmas lights with my family. I love this time of year!

I leave you with my favorite Christmas song to celebrate the season!

Wonderful Christmastime by Paul Mccartney쨀 on Grooveshark

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