Cayson's Camping Adventure Nursery Tour

I rarely ever do Saturday posts, but since today's post is picture heavy, I thought it would be good for the weekend.

We moved shortly after I finished Cayson's nursery, but I wanted to share the space where he lived for most of his life thus far. Not to mention, I worked really hard on it, so I deserve to show it off.

Camping Adventure Nursery 1
Camping Adventure Nursery 2

I hand painted the changing table, and my husband and I both painted the dresser. The dresser was mine from childhood, and the changing table is a vintage Jenny Lind from when my husband was born. Can it be considered vintage if it's only from the 90's?

Camping Adventure Nursery 3
Camping Adventure Nursery 4

That's the first ultrasound we ever had with Cayson, at around eight weeks pregnant. It feels like it was so long ago and just yesterday, all at the same time. In the middle is the sound machine, which is great when you start crib training your little one. 

Camping Adventure Nursery 5
Camping Adventure Nursery 6
Camping Adventure Nursery 7

The decal above the crib is our Bible verse for Cayson, since his name means 'brave'. It's also cool that it comes from the book of Joshua, which is my husband's name (if you didn't know that already lol).

I wanted a nursery where the theme was evident, but not over-the-top or too babyish, and I really wanted a space that he could grow into. I really like how it turned out, and I can't wait to recreate it, with even more personal touches, once we're settled. 

As for where everything came from:

Crib- Amazon (though we purchased ours from Target)
Decal- Wild Eyes Signs
Teepee Print, Bear Print & Teepee Shelf- Hobby Lobby
Bookshelves- Ikea (hand painted by me)
Glider & Ottoman- Amazon
Sound Machine- Amazon
Red Lantern- Amazon
Crib Sheet  & Changing Pad Cover- Amazon
National Parks Map Print- Belle Paper Market
Texas Camper Print- Inviting Moments

The items not linked or mentioned specifically were gifts from family. For more information on how I picked a theme, check this post

Happy Saturday, everyone!

LesLeigh J.

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Nursery Inspiration: "Nesting" is For Real

While taking a break from the blog last week, I had loads of time to walk around my apartment and think about all the things that need to get done before Baby Boy arrives in like 3 1/2 months. Cue the panic attack. 

There is so much a little baby needs, and so many things I want to do to feel settled in our apartment before he gets here, and it can all be really overwhelming to think about. Let me just tell you, folks, the "nesting" instinct is for real. The thing that relaxes me, oddly enough, is the fact that I get to decorate his room. Of course, the idea of spending money and having to have things organized does not thrill me, but getting to be creative with his space and give him a design all his own is totally up my alley. 

I'm going for a Camping/Adventure themed space that's fun and whimsical without being too babyish. I created the above set on Polyvore during the week of Christmas when I was trying to give family some idea of the direction I was headed with his space. Since then, we've purchased the crib and mattress, gotten a changing table, and started our registry. Some details and colors have changed a bit, but the general theme is still the same. 

When I first began trying to decide on a theme, I went to Pinterest and searched Boy's Adventure Nursery, and that put me in the direction I wanted to go. 

I knew I wanted lots of woodsy elements with some kind of whimsical nod to animals, without being too much like a zoo or a safari.



I also knew that I wanted lots of earthy textures and colors, with rich browns, vivid greens, and hints of blue.

When picking a nursery theme, I would suggest first deciding on what kind of look you're going for. Do you want a space that screams baby? Or are you wanting a design that your child can grow into for a few years? 

Next, I would say decide on what elements are most important to you. Is it a specific color or texture? Are you building the entire theme around a certain photograph or art piece? Is there anything sentimental about your theme?

And lastly, I would say just have fun! Don't stress about it too much, because at the end of the day, your baby won't be old enough to care how their room is decorated for at least 5 years. So make your husband or family members do all the heavy lifting, and go hog wild hanging cool things on the wall and savoring this precious time you have before baby comes.

What was your nursery inspiration? How did you pick a theme? Feel free to share below!