Springtime Fashion Favorites

LesLeigh J. Springtime Favorites

Warmer weather is slowly but surely starting to stick where I live, and I am SO excited about it. I am not at all a cold weather kind of gal. Like, snow is cool for Christmas and all, but after that, give me blue skies and sunshine all day, everyday. 

With the warm weather showing up more often, I'm looking forward to pumping up my wardrobe with a few new tops, dresses, sunnies, and sandals. Plus, a cute handbag never hurt anyone. 

I love off-the-shoulder tops and dresses for Spring. I think they're fun and flirty, and they work well for a date night with your man, or a day out with the fam. You can even switch out some flat sandals for some wedges to take look straight from day to night.

My favorite shoes in this collection are the Jeffrey Campbell Rodillo wedges. He came out with them last year, and I didn't get a chance to get them, but I might this year! He also has a new, similar looking sandal out called the Rayos wedge. They have that same razor-cut design to them, but the pattern is a little different and I am LIVING for it. 

I also love the mint green, floral tee. It's a nice way to be casual and look like you actually tried with your appearance at the same time. It would be great with some distressed shorts and Birks.

Now I'm off to convince my husband that I absolutely NEED $150 sandals. It's life and death, folks.

What are you looking forward to when the warmer weather hits? What's your favorite item in this collection? Let me know!

LesLeigh J.

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Valentine's Date: Two Different Ways

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, Pals!

However you feel about Valentine's Day, it's a great excuse to show a little extra love to friends, family, kids, and S.O.'s. Now, I know some of you may not be in a place where you want to celebrate this year, and I totally feel you. I've been there...

But for those of us who are celebrating with a significant other this year, I've put together two different date options, complete with clothing and accessories.

Valentine's Night Out Look

Look #1 is for a dressy night out. Maybe you're going to a fancy dinner and then dancing afterwards. Maybe you'll go to the ballet or to a theatre show. No matter what your fancy plans, I feel like this look would suite a lot of ladies. 

I personally hate all of the pink and red for Valentine's Day. BORING. Why not wear something different and less cliche? That's why I love this Chinoiserie print dress. It's sexy, classy, vibrant, but not too loud. And you could definitely wear it again for a different occasion. And this entire look totals at $98!

Valentine's Date Night In

Look #2 is all about a cozy, or steamy, night in. Not everyone wants to go out for Valentine's Day, and when you see the prices on those "special" Valentine's Day menus that restaurants have, you may decide to stay in anyway.

All three of these lingerie sets come in at $61 or less, which is awesome for intimates! Combine them with a sexy candle, some chocolate champagne truffles, and some wine, and you're all set for a romantic night in with your honey. You could also totally Netflix and chill by yourself and still enjoy some wine and some champagne truffles, because why the hell not?

The hubs and I will be celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow night, because we were not about those exorbitant V-Day menu prices. I'll share what I will be wearing for our date night out next week.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? 

Have an awesome weekend!

LesLeigh J. 

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"Vanilla Twilight"

I love collecting wardrobe pieces that I can wear through different seasons. It saves me from having to clean out absolutely everything I own at the end of winter in order to make room for summer items. I've made a deal with myself that I'm going to try to collect as many transitional pieces as I can this year...

Cream Lace Blouse - Black Jeans 1

I love this blouse because of that lace detailing. It could be worn on a cooler summer day, just swap out the camisole for a bandeau bra, and throw on some cute shorts!

Cream Lace Blouse - Black Jeans 2
Cream Lace Blouse - Black Jeans 3
Cream Lace Blouse - Black Jeans 4

Combined with these high-waisted black jeans and these little western style boots, this outfit is great for the fall, or if you're like me and you get a random 70 degree day in the winter.

In other news, I wanted to show a close up of my eye makeup. I recently mentioned on Instagram that I got one of the new Smashbox Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palettes for Christmas, and I wanted to try my hand at creating a sunset-inspired look with it. 

Sunset Eye Makeup 1
Sunset Eye Makeup 2

1. Blouse, Altar'd State (Sold out, Similar on sale!) 2. Jeans, ModCloth 3. Booties, Target 
4. Choker, Forever 21 (Sold out, Similar) 5. Earrings, Charming Charlie (Sold out, Similar
6. Eye Palette, Sephora 7. Lipstick, ColourPop

What transitional pieces do you collect? Let me know!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

LesLeigh J.

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When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I’ll taste the sky and feel alive again...
— Vanilla Twilight by Owl City

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I must admit, I've never been a huge fan of the color black when it comes to clothing. I don't really like neutrals in general. I much prefer bold colors, whether they're deep or bright. Give me Kelly Green or Periwinkle Blue any day!

I don't know if it's my age, or if my style has changed slightly, but I'm really learning to appreciate the color black.

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 1

I'm starting to incorporate more black and grey into my wardrobe, and I'm really enjoying the change. I got this dress for Christmas, and it's already one of my favorite pieces...

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 2

I like the acid-like wash of it, which gives it more dimension than if it were just solid black. You could wear it on its own or with statement jewelry. I went for a casual look here, but you could dress it up with different shoes. 

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 3

As for my chosen accessories, the blue scarf I'm wearing is probably the warmest scarf I have. It's a blanket scarf, the first one I've ever had, and it is HUGE. Once you fold it in half, you could almost wear it as a shawl on a cool day, it's that warm.

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 4

In fact, since blanket scarves seem to be all the rage and are EVERYWHERE, I think I'll build myself a little collection for future winters...

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 5

1. Dress (Altar'd State, sold out. Similar), 2. Scarf (ModCloth, sold out. Similar), 3. Boots (Steve Madden, old. Similar) 4. Tights (H&M) 5. Coat (Target, sold out. Similar)

So, what do you say? Neutrals, yay or nay? 

Have a good weekend!

LesLeigh J.

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There comes a time, in a short life
Turn it around, get a rewrite
Call it a dark, night of the soul
Ticking of clocks, gravity’s pull
First you get close, then you get worried...
— First by Cold War Kids

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ModCloth & The Wildflower Way// Uniquely You

ModCloth is one of my absolute favorite online stores, so when they approached me about creating a collage for the Uniquely You Campaign, I didn't even have to think about it; the answer was automatically YES! I was given the Winterberry Tart Coat and asked to create an outfit to go with it. I love the coat and I would actually wear it, so I created an outfit that I would actually wear to go with it.

I may or may not be drooling over all of the items in this collection, especially the coat and the shoes. I certainly have a weakness for accessories, and I love outerwear and shoes in general, so this outfit would be a dream to wear! I would love to wear this outfit to a holiday party. After all, 'Tis the season for looking chic!

Would you wear any of the pieces from this collection?

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How to Get the Latest Fall Fashion Trends without Going Into Debt

I am welcoming Shop At Home to the blog today for a guest post! 

Brittany Anas writes for ShopAtHome.com. (www.ShopAtHome.com)


The runways are like a crystal ball revealing what trends we are likely to see in upcoming seasons. For fall, I spied a lot of flouncy skirts, rounded shoulders and what seemed to be 50 shades of green.

Then, the tomboy in me cheered for some of the more relaxed pieces -- including slouchy pants and knit beanies. Yes, beanies come in style every fall just like floral prints emerge every spring. But what was really fun about this year was seeing designers juxtapose the knit hats with more formal outerwear.

While the runways are a fun guide map for the latest trends and I use them as a muse – but, I’ve got to figure out how to stay current while working within a budget.

Here’s a few ways to shop for the latest fashions for fall -- all while saving money: 

 Shop your closet.

I like to keep it “Forever Summer” in my closet. Before I pack away my summer clothes, I think about which pieces can be carried through fall. For example, sleeveless blouses can add color when they are worn as a shell underneath a blazer. And even a cream colored dress can transition with some classic fall pieces -- like a faux leather jacket, a knit beanie and some tough black boots.


For the look I’ve put together, I used emerald -- the Pantone’s color of the year -- to keep the outfit current, while adding in some quintessential cool weather classics. I found the beanie from TopShop -- where you can get 3 percent Cash Back from ShopAtHome.com.  (Buy through ShopAtHome.com and when you hit $20, you get a check mailed to you. It’s basically like getting paid to shop). The boots are from Target, where you can get another 3 percent Cash Back.

Also, check the sales racks for versatile summer clothes. Summer clothes get deeply discounted in August and when you get the free ShopAtHome.com toolbar, you’ll be alerted to sales at your fave stores.

Buy one great piece. When it comes to building a fall wardrobe, I like to invest in dependable classics -- a leather jacket one year, a sturdy pair of boots the next and then maybe a structured purse in the following year. I trust these trends will come back year after year, making them sound investments. I’ve got Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue bookmarked, since both stores have huge selections and I know I can save on my bigger purchases with Cash Back offers from ShopAtHome.com.

Spend less for super trendy styles. As much as I love a quality classic, I’m also always game to play along with the trend du jour. The key is to keep from spending too much money on pieces I don’t expect to be wearing for years to come (I’m looking at you, peplum). For fast-fashion, I turn to Forever 21 and Asos -- where you also can get Cash Back on already low-cost pieces. It’s amazing how quickly those stores turn around the latest trends.

Photo created using Polyvore

Thank you, Shop at Home, for sponsoring The Wildflower Way!