Single...And Ready to Mingle?


 Today's post is about dating, dating life to be exact. My dating life, if we really want to be specific.  

In September/October, it will have been 2 years since I've been in a relationship. Some people may think that's a long time, others may think it's a short time. According to my record, it's a long time because for the first three years of college, I had a boyfriend/love interest/significant other ever year.  

After my last relationship ended, I was content to be single for a while. I needed to focus on myself, my studies, and my relationship with God. And let's face it, I needed to get my shit together. I was good girlfriend material, but I was not good wife material, and the whole point of dating, for me at least, is to find the person I was to spend the rest of my life with. 

Wild run.gif

Well, in the last year and a half, I have learned a lot about myself. I've made mistakes, I've grown in maturity, I've realized that things aren't always about me and how I feel. I've gotten far away from God and then closer to him again. I've spent time learning about marriage and really refining the list of what I'm looking for. 

Funny thing about that list: I used to have an actual hard copy list written down of all the qualities I wanted in a man. Now the list is just in my head. I know what I want. Over the years, the list has gotten longer, it's gotten shorter, I've crossed things off or added things back.  

I really do know what I'm looking for, and while it scares me to death, I'm believe I am finally ready to start dating again. Now my question is...where are all the men at? 


I'm sorry about all of the Sex and the City gifs (no, I'm not), but seriously, how do you begin the process of dating? 

I began dating at around 15 or 16 and I've had a few boyfriends in the last 6 years, but I didn't really go around dating to find them. All of them became known to me because we went to high school/college together. Most of them were my friend first before we started dating.  

In the last couple of months, I've realized that I'm over "college boys." I want to date men, established, hard working men with a college degrees (and beards and tattoos). Where can these men be found? Or more importantly, how can I be found by these men?  

I know I sound completely ridiculous, and most of these questions will go unanswered. But I really do wonder how some people go about dating. It's interesting to me. It's uncharted territory. And it's something I'm ready to explore. I don't want to date every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there. I would like to go on a couple of dates, though.  

I'm single, and I'm ready to mingle (with upstanding gentlemen who aren't serial killers).  

So, ladies, where were you doing your "mingling" when you found the one? 

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Happy Monday! 


Every Blogger's Worst Nightmare...'s happened. 

We've all seen it happen before... 

Sometimes, it happens when you move.
Sometimes, it happens when you go out of town.
Sometimes, it happens when there's a really bad storm. 

We see it happen to others, but we never suspect it will happen to us. Then it happens and we're shocked, dumbfounded, flabbergasted... 

That's exactly how I felt....when my internet went out the other day.... 


I couldn't believe it.  

And I have online classes that begin tomorrow, but all I could think was "How the eff am I going to blog?!" 

I know, I know. It's sad. But don't waste you tears on me, friends. I'm not totally out of commission. 

Internet will be back on Friday (thank you, sweet Jesus!) and I will be back to blogging my arse off. 

Until then, I will be watching entirely too much reality TV, frequenting Starbucks so I can use their internet (like I am doing right now), and crying myself to sleep because of my first world problems. 

I will survive this rough patch, and I will come back stronger and better than ever. 

Catch you on Friday, lovelies!  


Thoughts on Leaving North Carolina...

Today is my last day in the NC, people. My last day... 


I have to say, it's bittersweet. It takes me about a month to get used to being somewhere because the first two weeks always feel like being at summer camp. I've only been here 6 weeks, so just when I was starting to get used to everything, I'm leaving. 

I must say, though, I'm proud of the work that I've done here. I think that I made a great choice for an internship. I think that God put me right where he wanted me to be. 

In addition to my work, I think I also had a lot of personal growth over these last 6 weeks. You see, I believe that any time you are out of your comfort zone or in a completely new environment, you are forced to grow. You have to adapt, you have to change. You come into contact with many people that are different than you. They think differently, act differently, respond to things differently. You have to learn all of that and learn how to balance other people's "different-ness" with your own.  

To me, it's a wonderful learning and growing experience to go somewhere new, somewhere you haven't been before. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it can change your life. 

My life has been changed a bit these last few weeks. I see things a little bit differently. I'm sure my reactions to different people, things, and ideas will be a little different as well. I'm glad to be going home, but I'm also glad and thankful for the time I've spent here in North Carolina... 


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I'm heading back to Texas, so I'll catch you guys on Monday. 

Have a fun (and safe) weekend! 



What up, wild flowers?! 

I feel like half of my blog posts this summer have been updates on my life, which isn't that bad considering this is a lifestyle blog. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who's craving more content in this space. Am I right, or am I right? 

Anywho. I thought I'd give you one last (probably not last) update how things have been going. 

In the last week and a half or so, I've... 

1. Seen the movie Now You See Me


I'm not going to lie, this movie was legit. It totally wasn't what I thought it was going to be and it made me want to become a magician (just a little bit). Seriously, go see it.

2. Gone Roller Skating. 

I had no idea how much exercise roller skating was. It was so fun when I was kid, or at least that's what I was telling my aching glutes the next day. It was slightly embarrassing trying to re-learn how to skate gracefully on four wheels, not to mention the fact that I kept getting shown up by kids half my age. 

3. Completed my Internship. 

My time on the east coast is drawing to a close, friends. I will be heading back to my beautiful home state, Texas, on Friday. And although I've heard it's hot-as-balls there, I'm excited to go home. 

4. Won an AWESOME giveaway on I Wore Yoga Pants to Work

I just found out this awesome news today and I am so stoked! I never win anything, folks. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. This is a first and it has made me feel like a rock star. Or Miss America. Or a rock star who won Miss America. Seriously, it made my day, so thanks again, Whitney and everyone else who participated!

I'm going to continue watching Netflix now.

Regular programming will resume tomorrow... 

Ciao, lovers! 



Let's Be Honest: I Struggle with Jealousy...

Today, we're getting honest on the blog. 

I want to talk about jealousy. Am I the only one who struggles with it? Are there things that I can do to overcome it? What do I do if someone is jealous of me?  

Let's evaluate things... 


Okay, let's be real, I've never been that jealous of someone, especially if I'm not in a relationship with them. But I do struggle with jealousy often.

I do not get jealous of the things people have, or their accomplishments. I get jealous of relationships. For example, if I have a friend and it looks as though she is spending more time with someone else and less time with me, I will get jealous. The same thing applies when I'm in a dating relationship. If I think my boyfriend is spending more time doing other things and not spending enough time with me, I will get jealous. Hell, I even get jealous if I feel like my family is hanging out together without me! 

I wish it wasn't that way, but it is. It is something that I have always struggled with, and it may be something that I continue to struggle with in life. I'll tell you how I've gotten better at it. 

When I was younger, and I mean junior high and high school, I used to blame other people for my jealousy. If I was jealous that my friend was spending a lot of time with someone else, then obviously it was her fault for not spending enough time with me . And you're probably thinking that I'm nuts, but that's seriously how I felt.

In the four years since I've been in college, I have matured a lot, especially in this area. I no longer blame other people for my jealousy. It's my hangup. I no longer try to force other people to hang it up. It's mine. When I feel myself getting jealous, I think about things rationally and realize that the time that my friend/boyfriend/parent/sibling is spending with someone else, does not take away from the the relationship that I have with them.  

best friend.jpg

What I've learned's my hangup, so I'll be the one to hang it up. It is something that I can overcome, but it will take time and more maturity. And when someone is jealous of you, it's their hangup so let them be the one to hang it up. However, if you know that someone else is jealous of you, don't be happy about it. Usually, jealousy is a sign that someone is insecure about something or they have an issue that they haven't let go of and that's not something to be happy about.

But if you are going to happy about it (because we know how we are, ladies) don't show it. Let's keep it classy, girls!  

Happy hump day!