Tuesday Thoughts: Freedom

Tuesday Thoughts-Freedom

I've been thinking a lot lately about freedom. What it means, and more importantly, how it feels. What does it feel like to be free, without all the baggage weighing you down?

After the consistent stress and change that has been the last few years of my life, I'm finally in a season where I can take a breath. I finally have the chance to think, reflect, heal. I'm learning so much about my marriage, about motherhood, about what I hope for in friendship, about my faith, and about myself.

In all of my thinking and reflecting thus far, I've been confronted with the desire to feel free. I want to feel free. Free to be myself, free to live the life I choose, free to work a career I want, free to love my family to the best of my abilities. 

For a long time, I feel like I lived my life according to what other people wanted from me or what they thought I should do. I became a the person I thought people wanted instead being fully myself. And after years of being that person, I lost who I am.

Now I'm trying to rediscover myself, my hopes and dreams, my goals, my life. I'm getting to know myself again. It's both terrifying and amazing. I'm learning things that I love about me, things that have always been there but that I'm finding all over again. And I'm learning about things that I don't quite like, things I want to get rid of or change.

I think self-discovery is a lifelong process. As we change, as we go through life and experience different things, both good and bad, we grow and become a little more different all the time. I'm not the same girl I was 10 years ago, and I wouldn't want to be.

I'm excited to get to know myself again, and see where self-discovery leads. If nothing else, it's sure to be an adventure...

LesLeigh J.