Inspired By Friday Vol. 1

The Inspired Life-Inspired By Friday

I know it's been a hot minute since I've posted regularly! I've been wading through a lot of life change (again), but now I'm ready to hop back in the saddle with regularly scheduled programming.

I decided to start a new series called Inspired By Friday, where I share things that I've found inspiring throughout the week! 

Inspired by Friday Vol. 1

This is my favorite and most inspiring image of the week, by far! It so perfectly captures my little man at this age: always on the move! And I may be a little biased, but is he not the most adorable little person EVER?! I can't believe how much he's changing and growing every day. He's constantly displaying new skills and milestones, and though it makes me SO happy, I can't help but miss my tiny, precious little baby. He's much more toddler now than he is a baby and he's certainly keeping me on my toes!

This vintage perfume bottle is beautiful! I've always loved perfume bottles, almost more than I love the actual perfume.

This podcast by Young House Love on sharing your kids on the internet. I've been following John and Sherry of YHL for years, and I love their podcast. This episode was extremely helpful to me because I think all the time about how much I want to share my son on the internet. We have to remember that, even if we choose to share our lives on social media, our children may not be old enough to choose that for themselves, and if they are, they may not want to share their lives anyway. Just something to consider!

This video about the new Dose of Colors DesixKaty Collection. I feel like I NEED everything in the collection (minus the "nude" lip colors for obvious reasons). 

This interesting article from The New Yorker about time-travelling with words. When I get some free time, I'm going to have to go to this section myself and learn some new (or old) words!

This diffuser is so cute! If you've seen this post or this post, then you know of my love for essential oils. I have been on the hunt for less expensive, high quality diffusers lately, as the Young Living ones are pretty pricey. This one is so chic looking, but appears to be high quality.

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend,
LesLeigh J.

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