Indie Beauty Expo-Dallas Part II: Brands I Loved

Hello, hello!

I've got part two of my Indie Beauty Expo recap coming at you today, but this time I'm sharing more info on the brands I discovered and the products that I now love. If you missed part one, get on it!

Without further ado...

Rootfoot Oils was the first brand I discovered when I walked into IBE. They make essential oil blend fragrances based on Spirit Animals. I purchased Lion, which is for "assertiveness, personal power, and strength."

When I walked up to the table, a lovely woman named Allison told me all about Rootfoot, which is her sister's company, and then she asked what type of scent I liked. I told her that I like food scents, like vanilla, and she introduced me to Lion. I've already worn it, and it has a spicy vanilla scent to it, with just a hint of earthiness. I love it! 

They also make a rose hydrosol, essential oil singles, and some jewelry. If you love essential oils, check out their site, and you won't be disappointed.

They were certainly one of my favorite brands that I got to visit with, if not my favorite. The ladies were so kind and personable, and we talked for a long time about all kinds of topics, including organic tampons. Yep, that's how deep we went (no pun intended).  

Another brand that I was fortunate enough to discover was Live Botanical. I got to talk to the founder, Carolyn, for a good while, and I loved learning how much of her heart and soul she puts into her products. Almost all of her ingredients are locally-sourced in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, and if they're not locally sourced, they're still ethically sourced. 

This milk bath is technically a bath soak, but I use it as a body scrub. As instructed by Carolyn, I just put a small amount in the palm of my hand and then wet it (just a bit) while I'm in the shower. It gets just coarse enough to become a body scrub, but still remains hydrating and softening. Plus, it smells like cake! Check out Live Botanical, you guys!

I've been in the market for an eye cream for quite some time, so when I walked up to the Mineral Fusion booth and mentioned this, Michelle (who's the Marketing Director) gave me this Revitalizing Eye Treatment. She also talked to me about their makeup, which was amazing! I didn't purchase any, but I certainly will in the near future because the Mineral Fusion eye shadows were pigmented ay-eff! A big thank you to Michelle and Mineral Fusion for the complimentary eye cream! I've already gotten a chance to use it, and so far, so good. 

By the way, Michelle told me that you can find their products at Whole Foods and Sprouts, so check them out next time you're picking up some groceries!

You guys, when I tell you it's a small world, I seriously mean that it is, indeed, A FREAKING SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL. When I met Jade, the founder of Prairie Bloom Body Care, I had no idea that we had something pretty significant in common. I walked up to her booth because of the cute packaging and how interesting her products looked. We got to talking and, come to find out, we delivered our babies with same midwifery practice!

Crazy, you guys. All that aside though, I'm a little upset that Prairie Bloom has been right under my nose in Norman, Oklahoma for the better part of two years and I only just discovered it a week ago. Jade has a lot of incredible products, and it was hard to pick something, but I decided on the Red One mask. This not...for sissies. Jade warned me this might happen, but the first time I put it on, I only wore it for about 3 minutes. You're supposed to wear it for 10, but it was itching so much that I couldn't take it. And no, it's not an allergic reaction.

This mask is meant to draw out impurities, so it was just doing its job. Plus, Jade said the itchy feeling goes away after you use that mask a couple of times, so I'll definitely try again. When I purchased it at IBE, it also came with at beautiful, handmade clay mixing bowl, which Jade has made specially for her by a local artisan in Norman. She also ethically sources all of the shea butter that she uses from Nigeria, feeding back into a village's economy there, which I think is totally awesome. 

Check out Prairie Bloom Body Care today!

Source Vital Apothecary was one of the booths that ALWAYS had a group of people in front of it. No matter how many times I walked past, it was always packed, so it wasn't until near the end of the expo that I got a chance see what all the fuss was about. 

Source Vital's claim to fame at IBE was their Make-Your-Own Facial Cocktail. You could tell them what you're problem areas were, and then choose some add-ins, and then voila! You would have your own little custom cocktail that was supposed to replace your toner, serum, and moisturizer. I'm going to be honest, I don't know if I believe that it can replace all of those products in my skincare regimen, but you're interested, you should check it out on their website.

They did, however, have quite a few body products that I was interested in, and one was this Sports Balm that I purchased. It is, essentially, a natural replacement for Icy Hot or Bengay. My husband and I are frequent users of Icy Hot these days. It's soon as you become a parent, you start waking up with random aches and pains, no matter how old you are. I am, thankfully, ache and pain free at the moment, but I'll let you know how this works once I get a real chance to use it!

Honorable Mentions:

I happened by the Eden Bodyworks booth, and found out that, not only do they have affordable products for women with natural hair, but they also make bath and body products as well. I am in the market for some new natural hair styling products, since I'm a bit put out with Shea Moisture (more on that some other time). The Rep that talked to me about the brand said that they can be found in Sally's, and she gave me some pretty generous samples, so I'm excited to see if their products work for me!

Another brand that I was impressed by was Antonym Cosmetics! I am so mad at myself that I didn't get a picture of their booth, and I didn't buy any of their products, so you'll have to settle for my description. You guys, when I say their products are pigmented, I mean they are PIGMENTED. And they're completely natural! They're also rolling out some deeper shades for their newest foundation (which hasn't launched yet), so hats off to them for recognizing the need for diversity in eco beauty! I can't wait to get my hands on some of their eye shadows and blushes. The hubs may have to hold me back.

If you made it to the end, thank you for reading all the way through this post! It was a long one, but the brands mentioned are seriously some of the best in the Eco Beauty industry. Please go check them out, and if you're feeling really generous, tell them I sent you ;-)

LesLeigh J.