Let's Talk About Organic Feminine Hygiene Products

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Ok, ladies. The time has come for this conversation. Yes, I am going there today. By the way, if there are any gentlemen reading this, you may just want to see yourself out now. No offense, but if you don't have a uterus and a vagina, this conversation isn't really for you. BUT...if you happen to have a preteen or teenage girl at home on the verge of puberty, then by all means, pull up a chair! 

So I don't know about you, but I've tried to cut out toxic chemicals from my environment wherever I can. I mean, we're talking deodorant, nail polish, skincare, etcetera. And it's no different when it comes to my downstairs mix up.  

Consider what's in regular tampons and pads: pesticides, chlorine, gmo's, dyes, fragrance, and that's just to name a few. 

Not to mention, the vaginal wall is extremely permeable, as is all skin, so it's incredibly easy for toxins to get into your blood stream through your vagina. 

So what's a gal to do? 

First, take back responsibility for your feminine care. Manufacturers are not required to tell you what's in tampons, so you have to do your own research to find good products to use.

Luckily, you've got a pal like me who's already done the research on and trying of organic products, and I'm totally willing to help a sister out! 

If you're a tampon and panty shield girl, then my favorites are Cora, Honest Company, and Natracare.  

Cora is fabulous because it's a subscription service. You can set how many tampons you need every period and how frequently you'd like to receive them. FYI, these are seriously the most comfortable tampons I've ever worn, and I feel like I've tried them all. Plus, when you buy from Cora, they send sanitary products to a girl in need around the world! Join Cora with my code, lesleigh2172, and you'll get one month FREE.

The Honest Co. is great for the same reason. I get my panty shields shipped with my son's diapers. Diapers for him, mini diaper for me. Win-win! ;-) 

Veeda was the first organic tampon brand I ever tried, and the reason is because it was hard to find an organic tampon brand that had plastic applicators. Something about cardboard applicators just rubs me the wrong way (both literally and metaphorically). They were a great intro, but the tampon was kind of uncomfortable, so I just keep them as backups now. But don't let my experience stop you from trying them. 

If you're more of a pad kind of girl, both Natracare and Seventh Generation make organic ones. 

If you're more of a menstral cup kind of woman, my favorite beauty vlogger, Jackie, has an entire video about her experience with the Flex cup. Many women are also quite fond of the Diva Cup. I, personally, have never tried either, but if you have, let me know what you think!

For my super green sisters, you can also buy reusable cloth pads, and sea sponge tampons. Yes, I said SEA SPONGE TAMPONS. I am not quite on that level in my hippie metamorphosis, but you do you!

Well, that's everything I have for you today on how to keep your vagina healthy. For more info on the toxicity of traditional tampons, check here and here

If you don't mind sharing, what do YOU use when Aunt Flo comes to visit? Let me know!

Cheers to freakin' weekend, 

LesLeigh J. 

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