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Today, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite blogs to read. Not a lot of bloggers share the blogs that they like to read and I don't know why. No shade, but maybe it's because they don't want to push anyone's content but their own? I don't really know.

Maybe I'm breaking all kinds of unwritten blogger rules right now, but these are blogs that I find helpful and/or inspiring in some sort of way. And who knows? If you like my blog, then maybe you'll like these too!


1. Cara Loren- I have been reading Cara's blog for probably five years now. She was one of the first bloggers I cam across when I realized that blogging "professionally" was actually a thing. I love her style because it's realistic. She doesn't always push super high-end (expensive) fashion, and I appreciate that. Plus, girl's got mad styling skills! Check her out!

2. Poor Little It Girl- Cathy is awesome! Most of the outfits she pushes are actually affordable, and I LOVE that almost all of her posts are titled with song lyrics. Gotta love her appreciation for good music! She's also petite, so if you're looking for where to find petite clothing (it's not always easy), she's a great resource for that. Check her out!


1. Lynzy & Co.- I've only been reading Lynzy's blog for a little over a year now. Until I became pregnant, and I didn't really have much reason to peruse mommy-content-heavy blogs. But now that I have my son, I enjoy reading blogs by other moms. Lynzy's content is incredibly helpful; I've bookmarked quite a few of her posts. Check her out, especially if you're a new mom!

2. Small Fry- This is one of the few blogs mom/kid blogs I followed before I was married or pregnant. I didn't read them religiously, but now I love their content. These ladies are always sharing helpful new products for babies and kids, and I enjoy seeing their "picks" for moms too. Check them out!


1. 100 Days of Real Food- I didn't get into Lisa's blog until my mother in law bought the book and told me about it. I love how easy her recipes are, and that they're kid-friendly. She doesn't push obsessively-healthy recipes. Just real, healthy, delicious food. She's also got another new cookbook out. Check out the first one here, and the second one here

2. Tutti Dolci- Laura is an AMAZING resource for yummy sweets and desserts. I have bookmarked quite a few of her recipes, and I even follow her on Instagram! Cookies, cakes, name it, she's got a great recipe for it. Check her out!


1. A Beautiful Mess- No surprise here, amiright? I'm pretty sure A Beautiful Mess was the first "professional" blog I ever stumbled onto. Back then, it was run primarily by Elsie, but in the years since, it's now run by both Elsie and her sister, Emma. They also have a host of contributors, all of whom push out great content. If you're looking for DIY beauty tips, recipes, or a great craft project, look no further than A Beautiful Mess!

2. Lovely Indeed- I've got to be honest, I'm not really big into crafting. At least, not on the daily. I love to craft for special events and occasions, though. Chelsea is a great resource for all things creative, whether it's party decor or simple DIY home projects. She makes the processes easy to understand and follow, and I love the way things turn out on her blog. Check her out!


1. Dr. Axe- As I mentioned briefly in my post about Algae Oil, I follow Dr. Axe. He's an actual M.D. who talks about wellness from a holistic approach, which is rare for the medical community. I love  that he gives the pros and cons to everything he posts about, and that he tells you exactly how something will impact your health in the short and long term. Look him up, you won't be sorry!

2. The Skinny Confidential- I've mentioned Lauryn quite a few times, and for good reason. I love her content! She's always trying some new, relatively-obscure beauty treatment or wellness supplement. She always shares helpful products and tips for a healthier lifestyle. Plus, you can a little bit of everything reading her blog. Check her out, if you haven't already!

Do you read any of these blogs? If so, which ones? And do you read any awesome blogs that I didn't mention? If so, please share!

LesLeigh J. 

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