Clean Beauty Spotlight: Bio Seaweed Gel Polish

Clean Beauty Spotlight - BSG

Yo and hello, Pals! It's been over a week since I posted last, and for good reason. My husband, son and I were all sick last week, and when you're taking care of a sick baby and you're also sick, there's not much time or energy for anything else. 

Luckily, we're all through the woods, and I'm back today to discuss one of my favorite beauty finds. I discovered Bio Seaweed Gel last year, and I absolutely LOVE them! They're products are awesome, they work, and they allow me to do my own good-looking manicures at home. 

I don't know about you, but I've been to my fair share of nail salons, and pretty much every single one I've been to has bit the big one. They usually don't comply with the health code like they're supposed to, i.e. reusing emery boards and other tools and not cleaning stations after they finish with someone. Many times, they've been rude to me. And often, I'll bring in a picture of a design I want, which usually isn't difficult and I know full well it can be done, and they will tell me they can't do it. Not to mention, they almost ALWAYS cut my cuticles (both fingers and toes) when I go. Fun Fact: they aren't actually supposed to clip your cuticles because your cuticles are what protect your nail bed from infections and fungus. 

Anyway, I was pregnant, and I'd had enough of paying for crappy (and potentially hazardous) salon service, so I decided I would find a gel nail polish that I could use at home. That's how I found my hero, Bio Seaweed Gel.

Bio Seaweed Gel Starter Pack

BSG is Big 5-Free, meaning their polishes don't contain any formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA, or solvents. To my knowledge (and correct me if I'm wrong), they are the ONLY 5-Free gel nail polish out there. If you've been following me for any amount of time, then you'll know that my motto is the less chemicals, the better. BSG works for me because they're healthier for my nails than traditional gel polish, but they're also effective like traditional gel polish.

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All in One Polish

When I first started using BSG, I purchased their starter kit. They no longer sell the one I purchased, but it came with four polishes (of your choosing) and a UV/LED light. The four that I picked were all from their UNITY All-in-One collection. The intention behind that collection is that you only need to use the color polish, no base or top coat. I don't know what anyone else's experience has been with this collection, but the UNITY polishes last way longer with a base and top coat. I purchased the base and top coat before Christmas, and the difference in lasting time is like night and day! 

Bio Seaweed Gel Top and Base Coats

I purchased my base and top coat as a set (because it really will save you money). I got the No-Sanding Base and the No-Wipe Top. The base is true to it's name; you don't have to sand down your nail for it to grip. But the No-Wipe Top will definitely smudge (or pickup lint) right after it cures if you don't wipe it. I just use some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and give all of my nails a quick wipe down, and they aren't sticky anymore.

I'd like to try their nail lacquer, since they have some that coordinate with their gel colors. I'm also looking into sculpture gel, just to give my nails a little bit more durability.

This post is in no way sponsored by Bio Seaweed Gel, and I paid for all of the products mentioned with my own money. Sharing is caring, and I wanted to help a sister out if you're in need of an at-home manicure solution.

What's your experience with nail salons? Do you enjoy them, or do you prefer to DIY your manicure/pedicure? Do you like gel polish or do you prefer regular lacquer? Let me know!

LesLeigh J.

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