Life Planning Basics: How I Plan for My Inspired Life

2016 was a rough year for my family. Lots of personal lows, anxiety, depression, and stress. And even with the amazing birth of our beautiful son, my husband and I decided we didn't want a repeat of last year. So with the ringing in of the new year, we decided we would change some things about our lives so we could live feeling more free in 2017. One of those changes was deciding to read more this year.

We also decided to get more organized. Plan for things, keep a schedule, and have a designated time every day for a couple's devotional. It's only been a month into the year, but so far, I love the changes we've made, and I thought I'd share the tools that I use to help me plan for my inspired life.

Life Planning Tools
Passion Planner in Black

The Passion Planner is more than just a day planner, though it's excellent for that. It actually helps you to strategically map out your goals for life. You can map out your future, choosing life goals for a year from now, three years from now, and so on. And you can map out each month or each week. 

It has inspirational quotes for each week, which I love. It has places to list top priorities for each week or each month. I love it because I can write little notes as I think of things, and I use brightly colored pens and highlighters to make it colorful. It really is an incredible planner, and especially for creative-minded folks!

Passion Planner open
Inkwell Press Menu Planner

Last year, I spent a good amount of time looking for the perfect meal planner. I got tired of never knowing what I was going to cook for dinner until the last minute. Plus, I'm a grocery list kind of girl and even though I had a cute little notepad I used for that, I still wanted something a little more organized and specific. 

Lo and behold, I found inkWELL Press on an Instagram add! No doubt, it was because I had just google searched planners on my phone. But anyway. This meal planner is the bee's knees, you guys. 

It has EVERYTHING! You can write out your meals for the week, then you have two pages for a an extensive grocery list. It even has pages in the back for Holiday meal planning. Plus, it has cheat sheets for kitchen conversions, and it even tells you the different cuts of meat on a cow.

I never thought I could be in love with a meal planner, but I am, and I'm never going back.

Inkwell Press Menu Planner open
Love Dare Devotional & Gratitude Journal

Joshua and I are using the Love Dare for our devotional time together. I'll be honest, I was kind of skeptical about it before we purchased it. I mean, has anyone seen the cheese that is Fireproof? No offense meant, if that's your favorite movie or something. But it just made me think the devotional would be cheesy too. 

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when it came in the mail and I thumbed through it. It actually goes pretty deep, and I love how it's challenging us so far. It was the only 365-day couple's devotional I could find  that had good ratings, but it really is good.

I picked up the Gratitude Journal in Barnes & Noble one day. I never have been good at the "daily quiet time" sort of thing, so I wanted something that would ease me into that. I like this journal because the devotionals are short and sweet. They're topical and give you something specific to pray about, and then when you're done you can journal and color! Coloring and journaling are both therapeutic for me, so this was an excellent buy.

I hope these resources have been helpful! Let me know if you decide to try any of them out.

Happy Wednesday, Pals!

LesLeigh J.