Valentine's Date: Two Different Ways

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, Pals!

However you feel about Valentine's Day, it's a great excuse to show a little extra love to friends, family, kids, and S.O.'s. Now, I know some of you may not be in a place where you want to celebrate this year, and I totally feel you. I've been there...

But for those of us who are celebrating with a significant other this year, I've put together two different date options, complete with clothing and accessories.

Valentine's Night Out Look

Look #1 is for a dressy night out. Maybe you're going to a fancy dinner and then dancing afterwards. Maybe you'll go to the ballet or to a theatre show. No matter what your fancy plans, I feel like this look would suite a lot of ladies. 

I personally hate all of the pink and red for Valentine's Day. BORING. Why not wear something different and less cliche? That's why I love this Chinoiserie print dress. It's sexy, classy, vibrant, but not too loud. And you could definitely wear it again for a different occasion. And this entire look totals at $98!

Valentine's Date Night In

Look #2 is all about a cozy, or steamy, night in. Not everyone wants to go out for Valentine's Day, and when you see the prices on those "special" Valentine's Day menus that restaurants have, you may decide to stay in anyway.

All three of these lingerie sets come in at $61 or less, which is awesome for intimates! Combine them with a sexy candle, some chocolate champagne truffles, and some wine, and you're all set for a romantic night in with your honey. You could also totally Netflix and chill by yourself and still enjoy some wine and some champagne truffles, because why the hell not?

The hubs and I will be celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow night, because we were not about those exorbitant V-Day menu prices. I'll share what I will be wearing for our date night out next week.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? 

Have an awesome weekend!

LesLeigh J. 

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