Best of Health and Beauty 2016: Game Changers

I know we're more than halfway through January, but I wanted to share my favorite health and beauty products from 2016. These are products that I found in 2016 that completely changed the game for me, as in, I'm never...going...back. 

Best of Health & Beauty 2016

1. Drunk Elephant Skincare

Drunk Elephant Products

I talked about D.E. a little bit last week when I updated you guys on my skincare routine, but I just cannot rave enough about Drunk Elephant! Their skincare has completely changed the game for me. I don't think I'll ever use their entire product line exclusively, but I love my B-Hydra, my C-Firma, my T.L.C. Framboos, and my Marula Oil. I've also been using their SPF for a few months now, and I love it. You can mix it with the B-Hydra to thin it out, and it doesn't leave a white cast on my skin. Check them out, you guys! You won't be disappointed.

2. Glossier

Glossier Products

I love Glossier! I love how chic, simple and effective their products are. I use the Milky Jelly Cleanser (which I mentioned last week), the Stretch Concealer, and the Haloscope in Topaz. The stretch concealer is great for when you want a simple makeup look. You can just dab it on with your fingers and go! And the Haloscope is an amazing illuminator! If you're wanting a highlight that's going to blind passersby or can be seen from outer space, this ain't the product for you. BUT, if you are like me and you want a dewy (not sweaty) effect without having a streak of random color across your cheeks, then check out the Haloscopes. The Topaz shade is great for dark to deep skin tones, but they have two other colors that would be more suitable for light or medium skin tones. Fun Fact: Glossier was founded by Emily Weiss. Does anyone else remember seeing her briefly on The Hills?

3. Urban Decay & Hourglass Priming and Setting Products

Primers and Setting Spray

You guys...
You. Guys. If you have not tried any of the Urban Decay Setting Sprays, stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and go out and buy some. They are the best in the game. And when combined with the Hourglass Mineral Veil're makeup ain't goin' nowhere! Seriously though, I love the B6 Spray because it's hydrating and it's full of vitamins. It's great for a simple, short term makeup look that doesn't call for a heavy duty primer. The Hourglass primer will hold your makeup on all day, and it will keep you matte, oily/combo girls. Finish it off with All Nighter Spray, and your makeup will stay on all day and all night. 

4. ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop Eyeshadows and Lipsticks

Y'all, I have seen the light, and the light is ColourPop eyeshadows and lip products. I'm just kidding, kind of. The eyeshadows are like butter, you guys. They are so pigmented, you'll want to cry when you swatch them. And the lip products...thank you, Lord Jesus, for the ColourPop lip products! I love them all; Ultra Satin, Ultra Matte, Ultra Glossy, Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencils. Give them all to me. And the best part is, everything is like $6 or less. It can't be beat. Now, are they completely chemical free? Of course not. But...give me all the eyeshadows and lipsticks and no one gets hurt.

5. Schmidt's Natural Deo

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

I'll be honest, when I began the search for a natural deodorant early last year, I was skeptical that I would find one that worked. Much to my surprise, my search began and ended with Schmidt's. It was the first natural deo I tried because it was the least expensive one I could find with the best reviews. Well, I haven't looked back since! It can take some getting used to because it's not completely dry, and in the heat of summer it will never completely dry down. Pro Tip: set it with some baby powder and you'll be good to go!

So there you have it! These were all of the products that changed my life in 2016. What did you try out in 2016? What worked and what didn't? Let me know!

LesLeigh J.

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