I must admit, I've never been a huge fan of the color black when it comes to clothing. I don't really like neutrals in general. I much prefer bold colors, whether they're deep or bright. Give me Kelly Green or Periwinkle Blue any day!

I don't know if it's my age, or if my style has changed slightly, but I'm really learning to appreciate the color black.

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 1

I'm starting to incorporate more black and grey into my wardrobe, and I'm really enjoying the change. I got this dress for Christmas, and it's already one of my favorite pieces...

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 2

I like the acid-like wash of it, which gives it more dimension than if it were just solid black. You could wear it on its own or with statement jewelry. I went for a casual look here, but you could dress it up with different shoes. 

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 3

As for my chosen accessories, the blue scarf I'm wearing is probably the warmest scarf I have. It's a blanket scarf, the first one I've ever had, and it is HUGE. Once you fold it in half, you could almost wear it as a shawl on a cool day, it's that warm.

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 4

In fact, since blanket scarves seem to be all the rage and are EVERYWHERE, I think I'll build myself a little collection for future winters...

Charcoal Dress - Blue Scarf 5

1. Dress (Altar'd State, sold out. Similar), 2. Scarf (ModCloth, sold out. Similar), 3. Boots (Steve Madden, old. Similar) 4. Tights (H&M) 5. Coat (Target, sold out. Similar)

So, what do you say? Neutrals, yay or nay? 

Have a good weekend!

LesLeigh J.

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