Get Lit(erate) in 2017: Couple's Reading Plan

With each New Year that rings in, almost everyone makes resolutions and goals that they hope to accomplish. Many times, it's to lose weight or get in shape. Other times, it's to find love or get out of a bad relationship. But all too often, the promises we make to ourselves go unkept, and usually, it's because we have no one to keep us accountable. 

I don't know about you, but so much life happened last year for me personally, the biggest event being actually bringing life into the world with the birth of my son. Because of all of the life that happened, I wasn't able to get much reading done, which saddens me because I love getting lost in a good book. 

My husband and I both decided that we wanted to get more reading done this year, so we came up with an easy-to-follow reading plan for couples!

With this reading plan, you'll be reading 18 books in 2017, with six months dedicated to reading two books, and six months dedicated to reading one. You and your S.O. don't have to read the same book every month, and if you find that you have a particularly busy month, just edit the schedule so you only read one book instead of two.

And getting lit(erate) isn't just for couples! All my single ladies (and gentlemen) can use this plan too. Just follow the schedule on your own, or get a friend or family member in on the fun!

The Inspired Life-2017 Reading Plan

I like this plan because it has very diverse topics, and you can always move the topics around, depending on what your schedule is like or which book you're reading. Like I said, this plan isn't only for couples. All of the topics are applicable if you are single, including the book about marriage or relationships. You can find books on friendship, or different family relationships, or just interpersonal relationships in general.

Let's all keep each other accountable this year to expand our imaginations and creativity with reading! 

*My reading plan was originally adapted from the one below*

Original web source unknown

Original web source unknown

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I hope everyone had an awesome weekend, and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Let's never forget that all men and women were created equally!


LesLeigh J.