Chemical-free Skincare Update

Happy Monday, everyone!

So remember this post, where I compared a few chemical-free skincare options and chose one to try? Well, I have bought, tried, and moved on to a different brand and regimen that so far, I am loving!

Originally, I tried MeowMeowTweet, and while I loved their body oil for my ever-growing pregnant belly, and their toner as a nice little face refresher (is that a term?), I did not care for the cleanser at all. The consistency was weird and it didn't leave my face feeling clean, which is something I need for my combination/oily skin. 

My skin is important to me, since it's the only skin I get for the rest of my life, and I desperately want to find something that works well for me and isn't riddled with chemicals. Hence, my new regimen...

I really liked Juice Beauty products, and how you can have them sent to you as often as you want from their website, and since they're also sold at Ulta, I figured there wouldn't be that much harm in trying them.

I've only been trying the Exfoliating Cleanser, and so far, I like it! My face actually feels clean after I use it, but it doesn't drain every ounce of moisture from my face.

I've also been using Simple's Micellar Water to remove my makeup before cleansing, and I like it as well! I was previously using a Mary-Kay makeup remover, and while it was effective, it's still full of chemicals that I don't want on my face, and especially around my eyes.

I'm hoping to find a moisturizer that I like pretty soon. Using oil, such as coconut or olive, doesn't work for me, so I'd like to find a cream or a gel moisturizer that's pretty chemical-free and isn't too heavy or expensive. The search just never ends, does it?

What skincare is everyone else using? Do you have a moisturizer you can suggest? I'd love to hear about it!

Catch you guys on Wednesday!