My Second Trimester Survival Kit

I am 22 weeks along now, and already feeling like I can't possibly get any bigger. The little man is already taking up more space in my abdomen than I thought I had, and knowing that he'll gain most of his weight in the last month has me a little unnerved. Not to mention the peeing every hour, the strange dreams where my friends die or my husband has an affair with an old lady. Yeah, that last one really did happen.

But despite all the weird crap going down with my body and mind, there are a few products I now use on the regular that are getting me through this strangeness.

1. Prenatal Vitamins

Finding the right prenatal vitamin can be overwhelming as hell. I mean, it's like the first good thing you can do as a parent is choose the perfect vitamin for your unborn, but there are sooo many options! At first, I was using VitaFusion prenatal gummies. But then my midwife told me about the difference between folic acid and folate (yeah, they're two different things), and that I needed a whole-foods based vitamin, so it was back to the grocery store.

Joshua and I found these babies at Natural Grocers, and so far, they're awesome. Of course, between the regular prenatal vitamins and the DHA, I have to take 4 pills a day. I'm not loving that but, you know, all for the health of the baby, right? 

2. Nipple Cream

Dry skin is definitely not the sexiest thing to happen to a nipple, but it does happen and is happening to me now, even though I'm not breastfeeding yet. So I decided to go ahead and invest in some nipple cream early. Who knows, maybe it'll help my nipples from being as dry and cracked once I actually do start breastfeeding. This one is all natural, and has a slight herbal smell to it, but it does the job. I found it at Natural Grocers as well.

3. Belly Cream

If you're pregnant now or ever have been pregnant, then I'm sure a whole host of people have told you that nothing prevents stretch marks. They're genetic, so if your mama had them, you might get 'em too. Sorry, ladies, but them's the breaks. My mom didn't get stretch marks, so I am praying that I will not be graced with any either. But even though nothing prevents stretch marks, I personally believe that my skin will stretch much more easily if it's lubed up, you know what I mean? Plus, my skin is SUPER dry these days, and it's winter time, so I figured the belly cream couldn't hurt. This cream is the same brand as my nipple cream, and it's also all natural.

4. Pregnancy Body Pillow

You guys. YOU. GUYS. If you are pregnant and you are having trouble sleeping, and you have not purchased a body pillow yet, drop everything right now and go get one. It is one of the best investments I've ever made in my life, and that's including college (jk). I got the Snoogle by Leachco, which I actually saw on an episode of the Kardashians recently (after I already bought mine), so it's popular with some celebs, apparently. You can also wrap it around yourself when you're sitting up and use it as a lap desk. I'm doing that right now...

5. Body Wash and Body Butter

I got this specific brand and scent from my mom for Christmas, and let me tell you, I love it! I am usually not a fan of the coconut scent, but this body wash and body butter from The Body Shop smell great. Not to mention, with my dry pregnancy skin, the body butter is like heaven in a jar. They're not totally chemical-free, but they do leave my skin feeling smooth and luxurious, so I'll let it go. If you're looking for a relatively gentle body wash and lotion, you should totally go check it out. The body wash is actually on sale right now!

Well, that's it! So far, I'm surviving this pregnancy with a little help from these friends of mine. I'm hoping these things will get me through the third trimester too, but who knows. First time pregnancy is weird, am I right, ladies?