Fun Summer Date Night Ideas

Ok guys, summer is right around the corner so you know what that means!?! Love is in the air! There’s two times during the year when we as men have to be on top of our date game. You know them well; they are summer and Christmas. It seems like every love movie out there takes place during on of these two seasons.

So with summer just around the corner I’ve thought up several fun, and cheep (your welcome!) date ideas that I am totally ok with you taking all the credit for.

Picnics are Always Good

Trust me, your lady friends will think it is so romantic if you plan a surprise picnic for her. This is really not at all expensive to pull off, and the truth is you can do this almost anywhere.

You can take her to a great park and picnic there. You could have a breakfast picnic by the lake. You can even get away with having an at home dinner picnic in your back yard and surprise her with her favorite food and wine.

There's this cool park in downtown Dallas that is actually over a highway. So LesLeigh and I decided to head there for a picnic.

There's this cool park in downtown Dallas that is actually over a highway. So LesLeigh and I decided to head there for a picnic.

There are a lot of ways to pull this one off guys, so don’t box yourself into thinking you need to go to a park and eat sandwiches with the red and white checkered blanket (though that may be right up her ally). Get those creative juices flowing when you’re thinking about what to do and think of some of these things when planning…

  • What’s her favorite meal?
  • Does she like the lake?
  • Would she enjoy a breakfast, lunch, or dinner picnic more?
  • Is she a wine drinker or a soda girl?

You know your woman, so get creative and she will love it so much she’ll probably have to Instagram it!

Go Pick Flowers

So this may sound cheesy to you, and this may not be your woman’s type of date, but if it is she will absolutely love you for coming up with the idea!

There are a couple things you can do with this. First, be sure to find a place were there are plenty of wild flowers to be picked. The further you get from the city the better chance you have of finding a big field of them. Then help her pick flower. Have her teach you how to make a flower crown, bring some string so you can make her a bouquet. She will be lovin’ every second of it.

If the whole picking flowers and making flower crowns isn’t her thing, you can still use the flower for a great date. Take her to where the flower are and do a surprise photo shoot with her, then (it’s about to get really good guys so listen), take those pictures you took and use them by either framing them and giving them to her as a gift, or writing a love letters to her on the backs of the pictures. You’ll probably want to keep a few for you office or apartment as well! ;)

Go for Walks

Are you that couple that works out together and makes the rest of us feel fat? Well if you are, or if you want to be that couple, early summer is a great time for taking walks together. The real heat of summer hasn’t quite gotten here yet so take advantage of the weather and go on a walk with her and… wait for it… just talk! (I know, crazy!)

This is a great way for the two of you to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air while being productive and feeling good about a date. Now if you need some talking points about what to ask her here are a few ideas:

  • Ask her how work is going.
  • Ask about her friends, especially how her bff’s are doing.
  • Tell her your favorite things about her.
  • Ask her a date idea that she would like to do.
  • You know that thing in her life that’s a really big deal right now… talk to her about it.

If you want to go a little deeper…

  • Ask her what’s something you could do that would make her feel more emotionally intimate with you.
  • Ask when she feels like you are the most emotionally disconnected to her.
  • Ask what are two or three ways you could make her feel more loved.

Remember, you’re not asking these questions to start an argument, or to defend yourself. Think of it as a time to examine yourself and become even better husband/boyfriend material.

Grill Out… With a Campfire

We all know that summer is a great time to get out on the grill and show off your manliness with those grillin’ skills. If you have a great grill and a back yard that is awesome for dating then go ahead and use your grill, but if you’re looking to change up the pace then grab some fire wood, a couple skillets, and grill with a campfire.


Most lakes will have arias where you can build a fire, and some fire pits have built-in grills on them. This is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax by a lake with some good campfire grilling, good wine, a cigar for your hard work, and looking at stars. It’s like a picnic, but better!

Hey, you can even have smore’s for dissert. Just be careful if you have a beard as marshmallows and breads really don’t like each other.

Go Look at Stars, or City Lights

This one is great if you have a pickup truck, but if not, no worries! Just grab a blanket and a pillow or two and lay on the hood of your car. Now there is a caveat to this one and that is… it’s really, really hard to see stars when you live in the city.

There are two ways to over come this. One is to just drive outside the city. Make it a little mini road trip. Don’t make any plans, just drive and be adventurous. Stop at a little mom and pop diner for dinner. Take pictures to document the mini trip. Just be spontaneous. The second option would be to look at city lights. Big cities light up at night and can be very pretty. Find a place where you can get a birds eye view and watch the city come to life at night.

You could even do both and get two date nights out of it! This one doesn’t really need to be planned out either. Feel free to just let this one happen on a night you are feeling like it, but do check the weather to make sure you don’t have clouds crampin’ yo style.

Find a Good Park

I’m not talking about just any park, especially one where there are lots of kids running around and being loud (not that kids are bad, they just aren’t that romantic). Explore different parks around you. You can go on Google Maps and find all kinds of parks in your aria. Just be sure to use the satellite setting to make sure they aren’t too ghetto.

A great thing to do is find a park that has ducks. You can go to your local Wal-Mart and get a loaf of bread for a dollar, and you are set! Feeding ducks is actually very fun and you will be very, very popular with the local ducks, and maybe a few squirrels as well.

A trip to the park LesLeigh and I took last summer.

A trip to the park LesLeigh and I took last summer.

Also, this would be a great date to let your dog be your chaperone. Almost all parks are dog friendly. Some will even let you take them off their leash. So do some research and find a fun park for your lady, and dog, to have a great time at!

(P.S. Dog’s are great third wheels because they don’t actually care about being the third wheel. Though they do genuinely think they are the most important part of your relationship.)

The world’s your playground, so get creative!

Men, its summer! We don’t have to be trapped inside because it’s cold and forced to watch cheesy holiday movies. Get out and enjoys the sunshine with your beautiful woman! Make this the most fun summer she has ever had with her favorite guy!

And like I said, I totally give you permission to take credit for coming up with these ideas. Now get out there and start dating your main squeeze like a pro!