Here it is, The Love Creative

If you've been following via Bloglovin', then you might notice some significant changes to this space. If you haven't been following, well, I don't blame you because there was very little to follow. 

 I am someone who has never really enjoyed change. I usually like for things to remain the same, because I am a control freak, and change almost always feels like a loss of control. But things were getting stale, in life, at work, and in this space. 

Life changed, and then changed again, and then again, and somehow, I lost this space. I forgot to blog. I forgot to be creative. But thankfully, I have been blessed with a man who has reawakened my creativity. He encourages me to have my creative outlets, and he actually wanted to be a part of this particular one. When he brought up the idea of blogging together, I thought that might be just the breath of fresh air that this space needed...


In the last few months, I have graduated college, changed jobs, and gotten engaged to the man of my dreams. It's all crazy and new, but it's wonderful! My life needed to change, and while there's so much that the future holds that I have no idea about, I'm ready to embrace the unknown. I'm ready to step out in faith and truly trust God with his plans for me.

This space will have a different flair to it, but Joshua and I will try to keep the same honest spirit that The Wildflower Way had in the past. If some of you are like me and you don't like change, I'm sorry if the changes to this space end up being too much for you.

You'll have to get to know Joshua in a different post, one written by him. I happen to think you'll adore him. I mean, not that I am biased or anything, but he's pretty awesome.

As for what you can expect...
We'll still be discussing fashion + beauty, faith + inspiration, and real life. You'll also get a peek inside our adventures together and our thoughts on love and relationships. Plus, we're both passionate about living creatively, so you'll get to see different creative projects we're working on, as well read some creative writing posts and essays.

And if that isn't enough for you, I am a bride-to-be, so you can expect the occasional wedding-related post. I'll try not to overload you, I promise. 

We'll be updating this space regularly from now on, so I hope you'll keep up with us! And remember...



Catch you guys later!