Change on the Horizon

Yo and hello, world. 

I'm not even sure if anyone is reading this blog anymore, but if you are, thank you. Life has been crazy, adjusting to life's crazy has been difficult, and this space ended up (unintentionally) on the backburner. 

Well, after much soul searching, and after acknowledging my deepest hopes and dreams, I have realized that I am not yet ready to let go of this space. Believe me, it crossed my mind. 

I wondered if anyone was reading and why they would care. I wondered if I had anything of value to say. I even wondered if I could be creative anymore. 

And I have learned that I can. But much like in life, I need help. I need help to realize my dreams and my potential. I need help to make this space become what I want it to be: a place of inspiration, creativity, and love. 

Well, you guys, I have found my help. I have realized my dreams and my potential, and I am going to force myself to get over my fears.

There is change on the horizon for this space...

Soon, this blog will have a new name, a new look, and a new contributor. The Wildflower Way has served me well over the last two years, but I am a new person now. I've got the same authenticity (I hope), but I've also a new attitude. 

So if you'll bear with me, I promise this space will be one to come back to every day for inspiration, for community, for creativity, for laughter, and for reality, and for love. 

Thanks for the ride, guys.

I will catch you on the flipside!