How To: Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

I read Elsie and Emma's post a while back on making your own vanilla extract, and it was something I kept in the back of my mind in case I wanted to try it someday. 

Well, someday came this summer, and just before heading back to school, my mom and I decided to make our own vanilla extract!  

It's easy as pie, and you only need to ingredients... 


You will need: Cheap vodka (since you won't be drinking it), a whole vanilla bean, a measuring cup, and a funnel. 

Since our vanilla bean came in that handy little jar, we didn't need to find a bottle to "cook" it in. We got our vanilla bean from the Whole Foods Market. 

You'll need four ounces of vodka, and don't worry, the alcohol cooks out in the process! 

Measure out your vodka, split your vanilla bean down the middle (the long way) making sure it's still in one piece, and then put the vanilla bean back in the bottle of your choosing and add the vodka. Seal it up and let it sit for two months, and then you should have your very own, homemade vanilla extract! 

Almost finished product.png

This is what it looked like once it was in the vodka. Ours should be about done soaking by now, so I'll have to get a picture of it once I go back home to show you all what it looks like. 

Let me know if you decide to try it! 

Happy Hump Day, friends!