Let's Talk About Hair...

I have incredibly thick, coarse, and at times unruly hair. I'm always on the hunt for good products to use that will give my hair nutrients as well as help me tame it a bit, and, ladies, I think I've finally found the dream team... 

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I've been using this shampoo and conditioner off and on for a few months and I've found that I love it! I got them at the Lush store a few months ago because I was looking for a better shampoo for my hair and I decided to try these out, hence the mini size. As it turns out, I like them! The conditioner doesn't leave my hair feeling super silky, which I'm still getting used to, but the shampoo leaves my hair feeling super clean, and I LOVE the smell of the conditioner. You can read more about the shampoo and conditioner on the Lush site.

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I relax my hair, which means I chemically straighten it, for those of you who may have never heard that term before. Before this summer, I used boxed relaxers from the grocery store and I didn't realized that it was causing a lot of damage to my hair. Of course, any kind of chemical treatment will damage hair, but there are healthier ways of relaxing your hair. This summer, I had the great opportunity to have my hair done regularly by a stylist who really cared about the health of my hair. She explained that box relaxers are not good for my hair because they leave a calcium build up on the ends, which then causes them to be brittle and break off.  

She told me to get my relaxers from Sally's because they are more professional and they are made without the calcium, so they won't damage my hair as much. This was my first time using this particular relaxer, but I love the way my hair felt afterwards. It's by a brand called Silk Elements, and I also used their neutralizing shampoo to wash out my relaxer. 

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When styling my hair, especially after I wash it and it's at its wildest, I look for products that will help to tame my hair. That's why I decided to invest in some Moroccan Oil. Granted, this Moroccan oil is pretty much the most inexpensive kind out there, as it is by Garnier Fructis, but it still helps. I usually put a quarter sized amount on my damp hair before blow drying, and then I'll put a dime sized amount on my hair before flat ironing. I also decided invest in some heat protection spray in an effort damage my hair as little as possible. 

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Last, but definitely not least, Coconut oil. 

Oh. Em. Gee. Ladies, coconut oil is probably one of the best investments you could ever make, as far as health goes in general. But it is definitely one of the best investments you could make for your hair. It is good for every, and I mean EVERY, hair type (unless you're allergic to it).  

I have used it oil my scalp (for all of my black sisters out there), I've used it as a pre-conditioning treatment before washing my hair (for my sisters of every color out there), and I have put it on my hair before blow drying for softness and taming abilities. Coconut oil really does work wonders, especially if you're trying to grow your hair out, which I am. You can get coconut oil at pretty much any grocery store or health food store. 

So that's my hair story, and I'm sticking to it (for now)! What hair products do you guys swear by? 

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Happy Monday!