Style Icon: Blake Lively

Yo and hello, wild flowers! 

I apologize for not posting yesterday. Things are getting down to the wire with the internship and I had lots of work to do. But I digress... 

I am beginning a new series today entitled Style Icon, where I'll be spotlighting a famous person that I believe has great style. For the first post in this series, I'll be spotlighting the lovely Blake Lively.


I've been a fan of Blake's since the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie, and I've always loved her on Gossip Girl. I admire Blake's red carpet style, as well as her street style. She has this bohemian rock star vibe going with the way she dresses, and I love it! 

Today, we'll be looking at three different looks of hers. 

First up: Savage Sunshine... 

lively-yellow dress.jpg

Here Blake is, rocking a messy fishtail braid and a flow-y yellow dress to the Savages premiere. I love the cut of the dress and how it's sexy, yet it leaves enough to the imagination. I also love the turquoise jewelry accents. The make-up is subtle and natural and the look screams "I look fabulous but I didn't try hard." I'd wear this on a date or maybe a fancier summer party.

Emulate the Look: 

I gave two different options for the dress, as one is less expensive than the other. Depending on which dress you buy, you can get this look for around $380 or around $350. I'm sure Blake's look was in the thousands. 

Next up: Shimmer and Spikes... 

lively-maroon dress.jpg

Here, Blake looks more like a rock star! I love the texture and color of the dress, and those shoes...TDF, right ladies? As always, her hair is in a relaxed style and the make-up, while more dramatic around the eyes than the first look, still says "I'm not trying to hard." I'd wear this look to a party or a night on the town.

Emulate the Look: 

For this look, I gave two different options for the dress and the shoes. For the less expensive option, expect to spend around $197. For the more expensive option, expect to spend around $236.

Last up: Relaxed Street Style... 


Here, Blake is pretty much rocking neutrals with a couple of pops of color. I love the oxford shoes and the hat. It's a great look for cooler summer temperatures. It would also be a great look to travel in. 

Emulate the Look: 

This time, I gave two different options for the handbag, the striped shirt, and the oxfords. The less expensive option will cost around $284, and the most expensive look will cost around $380. 

I personally love Blake's style. I no problem taking a cue from her wardrobe choices, and I think we can all agree that she makes good choices in her personal life as well. I mean, her husband is Hottie McHot-Hot and I wouldn't mind finding myself some man candy like that. 

So there you have it, the first installment in the Style Icon series! Do you have any stars you that you think are style icons? Email me or comment below and I'll write a post about them! 

Happy Tuesday, friends!