Another Update...

Happy Friday, everyone! 

I totally had another post planned for today, but let's be real, I'm exhausted and if I'm being honest, I really don't want to do the thought that's required to put that post together. So instead, I'll update you on the haps in my life and then introduce you to another fabulous sponsor. 

1. The Internship: 
    I have two weeks left and then it's back to Texas for me. I've got to say, colleges know what they're doing when they require you to do an internship. I've done a lot of growing and maturing these last four weeks, and I've learned a lot of really great things. Plus, I have been immersed in a culture that is completely different my own. Even here in the U.S. of A there are so many cultural differences among states. It's really fascinating in a Nat-Geo-will-never-do-a-special-on-this kind of way.

2. Entertainment: 
    I saw the movie This Is The End the other day, and it was hilarious! Very sacrilegious, of course, but hilarious nonetheless. If you need a good laugh, and you won't get too offended by the content, go see it!

3. Life:
    I am currently thinking about what I'm going to do (career-wise) after I graduate. It's a little intimidating trying to figure things out and while I have a year to do the "figuring," I know that year will go by fast. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

And now, a word from our sponsors... 


Meet Christina of Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe

Sweet Lavender.jpg

When I asked Christina what she was most looking forward to this summer, she had this to say:  

 "I am so very much looking forward to things slowing down a tad during these warmer, longer summer days. It's during the summer that my husband and I really try to get out of our little work dens we've burrowed ourselves in, and explore all our city (and sometimes state) has to offer! So bring on the late nights, bonfires, beach days, farmer's markets, and quality time with friends and family!"

Christina's blog is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E and she has recipes that are to die for! I just haven't had the time (or the kitchen) to try any. But you best believe that when I get back to Texas in two weeks, I will be baking up a storm. If you read Christina's blog and you just can't get enough of her delicious pictures or her scrumptious content, feel free to look her up on Facebook! And for even more Sweet Lavender updates, follow her on Twitter

Thank you again, Christina for sponsoring The Wildflower Way! 

Lastly, it's time for #backthatazzup Friday!  We're kickin' it Gatsby-style today!

Just remember: You can dance if you want to, and you can leave your friends behind... 

Have a kick azzz weekend, friends!