You're Never Fully Dressed...

Happy Tuesday, lovers! 

I hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend and an awesome Monday! 

If I weren't completing an internship hundreds of miles away from all of my friends, I would be out living it up (responsibly and safely, of course!) on the weekends. As it is, I am getting to know the state of North Carolina. 

But, when I do go out, there is one accessory that I cannot live without and that smile!  

Whether I'm hanging out with family... 

photo (48).JPG

Hanging out with friends...

photo (49) (1).jpg

Or taking pictures for my blog...

photo (50) (1).jpg

 ...I like to be fully prepared with a beautiful smile!



Okay, I'll cut the crap. Let's be honest, I sound like a Cover Girl ad without the all the fun of being an America's Next Top Model winner.  

But seriously, guys, this stuff is the shizz! 

Product-Image (1).png

A few months ago, I noticed my teeth were not as white as they used to be. Dinge City, folks. I know it sounds gross, and I swear to the Tooth Fairy that I was brushing and flossing every day! Okay, maybe not the flossing, but you get my point.  

One day, I happened across this company and they sent me their product to review (which I was a bit nervous about) but lo and behold, their product is AMAZING! It actually works! After about 3 weeks of using it for just 20 minutes every day, I actually saw real results.  

Now, you can get faster results the longer you use it during a session and you can use it for up to two hours.  

Seriously, this is my smile now: 

photo (45) (1).jpg

And that is a crappy iPhone photo with no filter. I honestly can't believe the difference. 

So, head on over to the Smile Brilliant website, and check out their products. Their whitening system works wonders and is completely affordable, too! 

They will have you looking like you made out with Mr. Clean in no time! 

So, "like" them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and if you're interested in doing your own review or hosting a giveaway, check them out here

Remember, homies, you're never fully dressed without a smile! 


*This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own*