Story Time: The Wait, part one

I've been wanting to expand my writing for some time now. Talking about me and my life is great, but sometimes, I just want to escape into the world of fiction. I usually do this by reading, but with all the reading I have to do for classes, I just don't have it in me to read anything more. This is my little escape, my little haven away from the rest of the world, and I've decided that in my little haven, we occasionally tell stories. So without further ado, here is my first short story for the blog, The Wait

        Marina looked out her window at the quiet street in Beacon Hill. It was just 4:45 a.m. and people weren't even leaving for work yet. Normally, Marina would be asleep at this time, as her day didn't begin until around 6:00, but in the past few months, sleep seemed to be evading her. 

As she sat in the bay window of her spacious, brownstone apartment, she dreamed of another life. She dreamed of a life in which she was happy, a life in which she wasn't alone in her empty apartment, haunted by recent events.  

Marina couldn't believe the turn her life had taken. This was not the life she'd planned; it was not the life she had always wanted. These days, she was always exhausted. Always running, but never getting anywhere. Most of the time, Marina felt as though she was on autopilot. There were some days when she just couldn't even summon the energy to get out of bed in the morning, and it didn't help that she was rarely sleeping at night.

Marina gave a huge sigh as she got up and shuffled her way to the kitchen. She opened the cupboard and pulled out a box of her favorite tea, Awake by Tazo. Michael had gotten her a dozen boxes last Christmas and now she was down to just one. Michael had always known just what to get her for gifts. It seemed as though he'd memorized all of her favorite things, and he liked to surprise her with them every chance he got. 

They say it's the little things you miss about someone. Michael had made Marina's tea every morning since they came back from their honeymoon. He always knew how to make it perfectly, just the right temperature with cream and two sugars. As Marina placed the tea bag in her mug and put the kettle on to boil, she let just a single tear escape.

Marina swiped the tear away as quickly as it had fallen. She hadn't allowed herself to cry in months, and since she was already up and about to begin her day, she didn't see any point in crying now. She sat down at the table and stared at the tea bag in her mug...

Why couldn't he have stayed home that day? Why did he have to answer that page?  

Marina had asked herself these questions thousands of times over the last several months. They were questions she would never receive the answer to, at least not in this lifetime, but the lack of answers never ceased to frustrate her.  

They had promised each other forever. They had stood before a hundred friends and family and vowed to spend to the rest of their lives together as one. As she thought about their wedding day, Marina felt as though it had all been a sham, some big played joke played on her by God. She almost laughed at the humorlessness of it all. 

How could they have promised each other forever, when forever wasn't really theirs to promise? 

Their forever ended that day fateful autumn day when Michael never came home from work. 

Stay tuned for The Wait, part two!