Saturday Links + Loves vol. 2

I started off my day by having to call in sick to work because I got food poisoning last night from an undisclosed pizza place (I'm looking at you Papa John's). 

I hope you all started off your Saturday in a much happier, healthier way, but if you didn't, here are some great links that are guaranteed to lift your spirits...


Links and Loves.png

1. If you haven't heard about The Surprise Wedding, you're behind in the times! It's been featured on Good Morning America, the Inside Edition, the Huffington Post, and ABC news, just to name a few. Not to mention, the bride is my mentor and soul sister. 

2. Relevant Magazine's interesting take on how to find true love.

3. Jes' beautiful writing on letting go. 

4. This shop that gives children in Cambodia a chance at an education every time you buy a scarf. 

5. This beautiful spoken word about a man with OCD who fell in love. Video below....

6. This spot-on article about the effects of "talking" in terms of dating relationships. 

7. This article on Generation Y that really resonated with me. Found via Kaelah

8. No Model Lady.  Her post on why Morticia Addams is good role model for mothers is funny and she makes good points.

9. This article on why it matters whom you marry. 

10. Kid President's latest video on Socktober! Video below... 

XOXO, Gossip Girl. 

I kid, I kid. Have a good rest of your weekend, lovers!