Not Really My Blog BFF…

For Day 5 of the challenge, we’re supposed to gush about our blog BFF.
Well, I don’t really have a blog BFF (yet), but I do have many bloggers that I admire. Because of this, I decided to write a blogger that I truly admire.

Meet Mae-Mae


I met Mae after seeing and ad for her blog on Maddie's blog, and after reading the first few posts, I was hooked! I was a follower of hers for a few months before I reached out to her and now we’re ad swap buddies.

I love Mae as a blogger because she is real and honest, not to mention hilarious. Her honesty about her and her husband’s journey through the adoption process is truly inspiring, and their new little girl, Abi, is absolutely adorable. Plus, Mae is very open about her childhood awkwardness, something all of us can identify with.

I love that Mae blogs for the fun of it. It’s not about money or followers for her. She blogs simply to share life with people and that’s something that I hope to always keep in mind as I blog.

Mae and I are not actual blog BFF’s but she is a blogger that I look up to and respect. I hope to be in touch with her and follow her journey for many years to come.

Thanks for sharing life with us on your blog, Mae!

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