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Happy Friday, Guys and Dolls!

So I kind of failed epically on participating in Wednesday and Thursday’s posts…

I’m currently hanging my head in shame, but forgive me, friends, as it was/is finals week around these parts and I have been pulling my hair out (metaphorically speaking).

Anywhoozlebees. I am back and ready to participate in the remainder of the month’s posts, beginning with today’s topic, which is our “most embarrassing moment.”

Now, I don’t really have a most embarrassing moment. I have a few moments in life that were pretty embarrassing, but none that truly made me run away crying or never want to show my face again. I do, however, have a most recent embarrassing story that I’d like to share.

This may be one of those “You had to be there” type of stories, and of course now that I’ve prefaced it with that statement it WILL be one of those stories, but bear with me.

The setting: Senior Bible Seminar, which is the capstone class at pretty much any Bible/Christian college/university that exists.

In this class, we all have to write a research paper over a bible verse/passage of our choosing (technical term is exegetical paper) and then we have to give a presentation over said paper. The presentation has to be either a sermon or a small group Bible study. Well, my friend, Sam, chose to do a small group and I was in her small group. Sam is a Psychology major and decided to format her small group like a play therapy group for preteens.

So she gives us paper and crayons and she tells us to draw our strengths or the things we’re good at. Now, it had been a really weird week for me and my short term memory was a piece of crap. I completely forgot what she told us to draw so I began drawing things that I like instead.

I drew music notes and a paper and pencil and a couple other things. Among, the thins I drew was a cat. I like animals and I had wanted to draw a dog but I felt like a dog would be too complicated so a cat would be the next best thing.

Well, Sam goes around the table and asks us to explain our drawings and as the people ahead of me were explaining, I realized I had forgotten what we were supposed to be drawing in the first place. Sam gets to me and asks and like the brilliant child that I am, I begin with:

“Well, I forgot what we were supposed to be drawing so I drew what I like instead,” (a few chuckles can be heard behind me). “So first, I drew a cat because I like animals.”

The entire class, including my awkward brilliant, Bible scholar professor, roars with laughter and I immediately feel the heat in my cheeks (thank God I’m black or I would have been bright red).

Later on, my friend, Justin, who is also in the class tells me that I might as well have said I’m going to be a cat lady when I grow up. I just laughed awkwardly and proclaimed my undying love for canines.

There you have it, my most embarrassing story as of late. If you made it through this long, picture-free post, congratulations and thank you for sticking with it!

And now it’s time for…#backthatazzup Friday! Here’s my jam:

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