4 Easy Steps to Making Friends.

Hello, lovers.

Today is day two of the Blog Everyday in May challenge, and today’s topic is to educate you guys on a something I know a lot about or something I’m good at.

Well, I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: I’m really good at making friends. No really, I am. I mean, I don’t like to toot my own horn or anything but…toot-toot.

So I’ve decided to go into the vault of LesLeigh J.’s Know-how’s and Secret tricks to Life and get out my fail-proof friend-making plan.

Step one:Start a conversation.

Now some of you out there are not so good at this. I mean let’s face it, we all sit behind computer screens and read about people’s lives online, so we might not be so good at starting conversations in real life. Fret not, lovelies! For I always begin with a simple question, one people have been asking since the days of the sandbox…

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See, Buddy got it. Ask the person their favorite color. They’ll immediately chuckle and tell you what their favorite color is and if you’re lucky, they’ll ask you yours. Now, keep in mind, you may occasionally get those annoying people poor souls who had the sad luck of being born color blind, but don’t worry. You can always laugh awkwardly and ask them their favorite animal.

Step two:Always smile.


No one likes a sour puss so flex those cheek muscles and put some Vaseline on your teeth. Remember, you use more muscles to frown than to smile!

Step three:Share interesting things about yourself.

Sometimes, other people get nervous because they don’t like to be the focus of attention during a conversation. If you sense the other person getting nervous, turn the attention towards yourself with an interesting fact about you.

Mean girls gif

By sharing an interesting fact about you, it gives them time to think about what they want to say as well as get to know you. You can put your whole fist in your mouth. Maybe they can, too, and then you guys have something in common. You have a shared interest, and we all know shared interests are the basis of any good friendship.

Step four:Seal it with a hug.

It won’t be a complete friendship unless you hug it out at the end. That’s just the way it is, folks. Now, don’t be a pansy and try to give a side hug. Those are just awkward, uncomfortable, and they leave both parties feeling unfulfilled. Besides, who doesn’t love full body hugs?

hugging gif

That’s it! Now you all have secret to my success in making friends. Guard the secret well, my friends, for it’s sort of like a super power. And with great power comes great responsibility…

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Now go out there and make some friends in real life!

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