“Thriftiquing” in Houston…

Happy Hump Day!

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And now for some thrifty adventures!

My mom and I went thrifting and antiquing  (hence Thriftiquing) while I was home for spring break last week, and we found some pretty great goodies nestled in the finest thrift shops and antique stores that Montrose/Westheimer had to offer…

photo (28)

H-U-G-E Chinese apothecary

photo (29)
photo (30)

This piece was my favorite. Love the blue color!

photo (31)
photo (32)
photo (33)

Loved this piece as well!

photo (36)

Would’ve bought this couch in a heartbeat if I had somewhere to put it! So comfy…

photo (35)

I call this baby the Green Monster. It was way bigger than it looks in the picture…

There you have it, folks! Photo evidence of my mom’s and my adventure in Thriftiquing. We both had a ton of fun and I wished the entire time that I had an empty apartment/house/mansion/shack that I needed to decorate so I could have filled it with all of these lovelies. We saw a ton more stuff but these were my absolute favorites.

If you’re ever in Houston, head down Westheimer towards Montrose and check out the thrift shops and antique stores. You won’t be disappointed!

Has anyone else been thrifting or antiquing lately?

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