March M-M-Madness: Wishlist Edition

Yo and hello everyone!

I hope you guys are doing well on this fine Wednesday. I am doing great because I am on spring break, which means a whole lot of sleeping in and eating whatever I want since I don’t have to buy my own groceries and hanging out with friends and family.

My mom is a teacher and she’s on spring break as well, so we’re getting a lot of mommy-daughter bonding time this week. Yesterday we went to the mall and got new hair products (which I am itching to try out!), and today we’re going thrifting!

Well, it is March now and while March Madness means a whole lot for basketball players, lovers, and fans, for me it means spring fashion! I have narrowed my fashion/beauty cravings down to the five things I am absolutely mad for this March…

March Wishlist


As for number one, I received a sample of Juicy Couture’s Couture La La fragrance in my February Birchbox and I LOVED it! It is now one of my favorite scents and I am planning on buying the full sized version just as soon as I save enough nickels and dimes.

Number two is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. I rarely watch movies just for the art of them; I usually watch movies for entertainment, like most people do. But the artistry of this movie blows me away every time I watch it! I love that Sophia Coppola chose to use modern music for the soundtrack even though this is a period piece. The costumes are beautiful, it’s pretty historically accurate, and it does evoke emotion at times. If you have not seen it yet, GO GET IT!

This Tory Burch bag is one of those wish list items that I will most likely never own, but it’s really pretty and I would love to have it so I put it on here. It’s an expensive bag and as I’m a broke college student, I could never save enough pennies to be able to afford this bag and still eat, pay bills, have a life, etc. It is a beautiful color and it’s spacious inside, a quality I look for in all my bags because, well, I like big bags and I cannot lie.

Number four I could actually afford if I tried, and I may have to try, folks. I am in LOVE with the leopard trend that’s going around right now. I have leopard fever! I have been wanting some leopard loafers for a while now and  of course Steve Madden, (my shoe lovah), is right on top of it. These are purr-fect…

And as for number five, I have been wanting something to read that isn’t school related and I’ve heard some good things about this book, so I’m going to check it out. I’ll let you know what I think!

There you have it, Wildflowers. My March Madness wish list. What are you mad for this March?

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