Valentine’s Day and a Wishlist…

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

I was going to post this Wednesday but I thought I’d put it off a day so I could wish everyone a good day.

I’ve been wanting to do another wish list post since I enjoyed sharing my Christmas list so much, and I thought why not start in the month  of L-O-V-E?

Feb Wishlist


I’m in an accessories mood this month, which is the reason for the necklace, boots, and iPhone case. I also gave up red meat (aka fast food cheeseburgers) for Lent in hopes of living a healthier lifestyle, which is why I want the gym membership. Most of my friends are athletes and what better way to spend time together than bonding over the aching of various muscles?

I didn’t get the fragrance I wanted for Christmas so it’s going on every possible list between now and next Christmas. And last but not least, I’ve been wanting a better camera but I feel like a DSLR is too much camera for me (so not a photographer), so I thought the Nikon 1 would be a good start.

And now I leave all of you lovebirds out there with a playlist guaranteed to put you in the mood!

In the mood for smooching, of course.

Play nice, kids…

Loverly by LesLeigh J. on Grooveshark

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