What’s On My List?

I’ve been seeing everyone’s Christmas wish lists lately and I decided to share my own!

Blog Inc

1. Photoshop Elements 11 2. Blog, Inc 3. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift 4. TOMS 5. Minnetonka Boots 6. Cupcake Apron

I am so excited for Christmas! I am not usually a gift person but around this time of year I LOVE surprising family and friends with things that they wanted or things that I knew they would like. I can’t wait to open gifts on Christmas morning!

I am finally home for winter break and I am so ready to relax, read, and watch Christmas movies every night. I can’t wait to make some cookies and drink some hot chocolate, catch up with friends, and see some Christmas lights with my family. I love this time of year!

I leave you with my favorite Christmas song to celebrate the season!

Wonderful Christmastime by Paul Mccartney쨀 on Grooveshark

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