On Thursday my school participated in something called Meditation in the Park, where we all go to the park down the street from the college and we spend time meditating on scripture. We do this every fall semester, and I enjoy it because I enjoy being in nature, in the quiet, just listening to God.

This time around, I wasn’t all that focused on the scripture. This time around, I just sat and thought about how busy I’ve been lately. I thought about how I haven’t opened up my bible once for personal time with the Lord in more weeks than I care to admit. I thought about how tired and stressed I am. And it made me think, how often do we take time out of our day just to sit and be?

I’m guilty of just going and going and going until I’m utterly exhausted, but that’s not the way things should be. We should never get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to stop and rest for a minute. Whether you’re religious/spiritual or not, there is a reason for a Sabbath. There is a reason for a weekend…

So this past Thursday, I learned that I need to take time to sit and rest. I need to take time to unplug, unwind, and just soak in the quiet. Maybe I’ll take more solitary trips to the park so I can sit and absorb nature and meditate.

After all, it couldn’t hurt, right?

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