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Welcome to The Inspired Life. I'm LesLeigh J., or just LesLeigh. I'm a 20-something wife, mama and stylist with a passion for home decor, good food, fashion, nontoxic beauty products, and all things inspirational. I love reading good books, going to the movies with my husband, laughing with my son, listening to music, and doing anything creative.

About the Blog

LesLeigh J. - The Inspired Life is a lifestyle blog for millennial women. It's for the young woman who appreciates truly affordable fashion. It's for the 20 to 30-something mom who's looking for nontoxic health and beauty products for herself and her family. And it's for all those who want quick tips on how to make healthy and delicious meals. The Inspired Life isn't about an aesthetically-pleasing yet unattainable lifestyle. It's about meeting you where you're at in life, and helping you to live a beautiful, intentional life right now

I began this blogging journey almost five years ago. Back then, my blog was called The Wildflower Way, because I believed in living a life deeply rooted in my beliefs, but also a life of freedom and beauty. My inspiration was a wildflower, as I love that they can build roots almost anywhere, yet they are free to travel, and they leave beauty wherever they plant themselves. Five years and many life experiences later, I still believe in being deeply rooted, while living freely and sharing beauty wherever I go. No matter why you're here, I hope you find something beautiful, and I hope you leave feeling inspired to live your best life. Thanks for stopping by!

Quick Facts

Favorite Girlboss(es)

Lauren Conrad & Ayesha Curry


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Paramore & Fleetwood Mac


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