10 Things I Like About Me…

A warm hello on this wonderful Saturday morning! I am so excited for today because today, my summer break officially starts! Okay, I won’t be having much of a break since I start an internship (for credit) in about two weeks, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

It’s day 11 of The Challenge and today’s topic is “Sell yourself in 10 words or less.” I thought about coming up with an awesome sentence that was 10 words or less, but it’s early (6:47 a.m. people!) and my creative juices aren’t flowing at the moment.

So without further ado, here are 10 qualities that I love about myself:

1. Funny

2. Witty

3. Creative

4. Intelligent

5. Intuitive

6. Caring

7. Determined

8. Outspoken

9. Talented

10. Fierce

And now that I have inflated my own ego a bit, I come bearing a surprise for all of you lovely folks…

I’m moving!

Well, I’m not moving. But The Wildflower Way is planting its roots elsewhere pretty soon.


Yes, I am moving permanently moving my blog over to Squarespace in a week or so, give or take a few days. There will be more info to come as to why I have chosen to move and all of that good stuff. But for now, just be on the lookout for this blog to be uprooted because it’s going to happen, ladies and gents.

This also means that you most likely will not be able to follow my blog via GFC anymore, so I urge to hit me up on Bloglovin’. That’s where all the cool kids hangout nowadays…

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Everybody have a good weekend and give your mothers a kiss and a hug. And probably a present, too, because I hear mothers like that.

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Future Cat Ladies of America

Happy Friday, Guys and Dolls!

So I kind of failed epically on participating in Wednesday and Thursday’s posts…

I’m currently hanging my head in shame, but forgive me, friends, as it was/is finals week around these parts and I have been pulling my hair out (metaphorically speaking).

Anywhoozlebees. I am back and ready to participate in the remainder of the month’s posts, beginning with today’s topic, which is our “most embarrassing moment.”

Now, I don’t really have a most embarrassing moment. I have a few moments in life that were pretty embarrassing, but none that truly made me run away crying or never want to show my face again. I do, however, have a most recent embarrassing story that I’d like to share.

This may be one of those “You had to be there” type of stories, and of course now that I’ve prefaced it with that statement it WILL be one of those stories, but bear with me.

The setting: Senior Bible Seminar, which is the capstone class at pretty much any Bible/Christian college/university that exists.

In this class, we all have to write a research paper over a bible verse/passage of our choosing (technical term is exegetical paper) and then we have to give a presentation over said paper. The presentation has to be either a sermon or a small group Bible study. Well, my friend, Sam, chose to do a small group and I was in her small group. Sam is a Psychology major and decided to format her small group like a play therapy group for preteens.

So she gives us paper and crayons and she tells us to draw our strengths or the things we’re good at. Now, it had been a really weird week for me and my short term memory was a piece of crap. I completely forgot what she told us to draw so I began drawing things that I like instead.

I drew music notes and a paper and pencil and a couple other things. Among, the thins I drew was a cat. I like animals and I had wanted to draw a dog but I felt like a dog would be too complicated so a cat would be the next best thing.

Well, Sam goes around the table and asks us to explain our drawings and as the people ahead of me were explaining, I realized I had forgotten what we were supposed to be drawing in the first place. Sam gets to me and asks and like the brilliant child that I am, I begin with:

“Well, I forgot what we were supposed to be drawing so I drew what I like instead,” (a few chuckles can be heard behind me). “So first, I drew a cat because I like animals.”

The entire class, including my awkward brilliant, Bible scholar professor, roars with laughter and I immediately feel the heat in my cheeks (thank God I’m black or I would have been bright red).

Later on, my friend, Justin, who is also in the class tells me that I might as well have said I’m going to be a cat lady when I grow up. I just laughed awkwardly and proclaimed my undying love for canines.

There you have it, my most embarrassing story as of late. If you made it through this long, picture-free post, congratulations and thank you for sticking with it!

And now it’s time for…#backthatazzup Friday! Here’s my jam:

Booty Bounce by Dev on Grooveshark

Linking up today with Whitney and Jenni!

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Very Heavy, Man…

Tomorrow will mark one week since the Challenge began, or maybe today marks it since today is day seven. Anyway, for today’s topic, we’re supposed to write about the thing(s) we’re most afraid of.

I decided I’m going to follow Jenni's lead and go with something heavy and real, rather than something lighthearted and funny.

The biggest fear I have in life is ending up alone. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being alone. I love being around people as well, but there is nothing like curling up by myself under a blanket and reading a good book or listening to some music.

I’m talking about alone in life. I am afraid that I will never get married and have children. It sounds a little bit 1950’s housewife, I know, but bear with me, folks.

I am an independent, 21st century woman with a lot of goals in life that could very well be accomplished whether I’m married or not. I have a calling and intend to see that calling through, single or not. However, getting married and having children are tied for the biggest dream I have in life.

I long to fall in love and choose to love someone for the rest of my life. I long to have a man fall in love with me and choose to love me for the rest of his life. I long to raise children with that man, whether those children are biological, adopted, or both.

Those are dreams of mine…but what if they never come true?

What if I never find that one person? What if no one ever wants to marry me? It’s not out of the realm of possibility.

I hate talking about this because I go to a Christian college where everyone’s automatic response is “Don’t worry, you’re going to find someone who adores you. You still have time. You’re still young!”

Quite honestly, I HATE when people say stupid things like that. Yes, I think it’s stupid. It doesn’t make me feel any better and it does nothing to assuage my fears. But I digress…

I’m afraid of being alone. I’m afraid of never being able to control whether I end up alone or not. What if it’s not in God’s plan for my life for me to have a husband or children? It’s a possibility. And it’s a possibility that scares me. Thinking about it often makes me sad or uneasy. It makes my trust in God and faith in His timing falter. I try not to think about it, but it comes up.

So that’s my fear. Out there for all of the internets to see.

Maybe one day, this fear will be overcome…

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I Do Creativity…

I’m not sure if creativity is something that you can do, but with all the things that I do in life, I use creativity.

I am a college student and with that comes many other things. For example, I am on Student Government and I plan events. That requires some level of creativity. I am a writer, both in class and out, with my student hat on and with it off. I write with creativity.

I am a blogger. I try to blog with creativity.

These are just a few of the things I do, but the common theme in my life is creativity. Without creativity, I’m not sure what I would do.

close up of me

Linking up today with both Jenni and Molly!

Happy Monday, y’all!

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Not Really My Blog BFF…

For Day 5 of the challenge, we’re supposed to gush about our blog BFF.
Well, I don’t really have a blog BFF (yet), but I do have many bloggers that I admire. Because of this, I decided to write a blogger that I truly admire.

Meet Mae-Mae


I met Mae after seeing and ad for her blog on Maddie's blog, and after reading the first few posts, I was hooked! I was a follower of hers for a few months before I reached out to her and now we’re ad swap buddies.

I love Mae as a blogger because she is real and honest, not to mention hilarious. Her honesty about her and her husband’s journey through the adoption process is truly inspiring, and their new little girl, Abi, is absolutely adorable. Plus, Mae is very open about her childhood awkwardness, something all of us can identify with.

I love that Mae blogs for the fun of it. It’s not about money or followers for her. She blogs simply to share life with people and that’s something that I hope to always keep in mind as I blog.

Mae and I are not actual blog BFF’s but she is a blogger that I look up to and respect. I hope to be in touch with her and follow her journey for many years to come.

Thanks for sharing life with us on your blog, Mae!

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I’m Not So Well-behaved…

This has been my favorite quote for years. I love it. It completely encompasses everything I stand for…


I am not a “well-behaved” woman. Sometimes, I say inappropriate things. I have no problem talking about sex, not even in mixed company. I stand up for what I believe in. I am sort of a Christian feminist.

I never have been a shrinking violet, or a wallflower. I like to stand out. I like to be heard. I like to state my opinion. I will openly disagree with someone, especially if I believe that they are wrong. I hate injustice.

The point is…I do not necessarily “behave” all the time and I am completely fine with that. I aim to change the world for the better, to make a difference. When I reach the end of my life and I’m on my deathbed and the Lord is about to take me home, I want to be able to look my God in the eye (so to speak) and say “I used every gift, talent, and tool you gave me.” God gave me a voice in many different ways; I write, I speak publicly, and I sing. If I can use those gifts to impact lives and make the world better, why wouldn’t I do it?

There will be people that won’t like what I say or won’t like how I sound or come across. There have always been and will always be people who think I’m too outspoken and that I should tone it down. But forget it! I am free in Christ, I’m a woman of God, and I’m a wild flower.

I aim to make history…

What do you guys think of this quote?

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